January 1, 2021

My New Year's Resolutions for 2021!

Like many of you, I'm excited to leave 2020 in the rearview, even with all the wonderful things I have to celebrate from last year (more on that here if you missed my looking back on 2020 blog post!). I hope 2021 will see the return of travel, and social gatherings, and just leaving my house a bit more. Most of all, I hope it brings more health and security to everyone in need! 

I know my baby girl is going to grow up so much over the next twelve months, and I can't wait to experience every moment with her. Even though I'm taking a small step back from work to concentrate on being a mom, I still have plenty to look forward to this year! 

So, without further ado, here are...

My Top Five Author Resolutions of 2021!

1. Publish The Dragon and the Queen!

The Dragon and the Queen is set to go on sale on June 21st, 2021, and I can't wait! This book amps up the action and the stakes for all four main characters, and builds not only on the romance but on all the relationships established in the first two books. My beta readers absolutely loved it, so I really hope you all will too! The ebook is currently available to preorder on Amazon, and I'm hosting a wonderful preorder giveaway with two character cards up for grabs. I'll be updating everyone when the hardcover and paperback editions also become available!

2. Publish more audiobooks!

The Raven and the Dove is my highest selling audiobook already (at least on Audible), so you better believe I'm working on the rest of the series! I'm expecting the files for The Hunter and the Mage from the marvelous narrator, Sarah Sampino, any day now, so the audiobook is imminent! I'll be working with her on the audio for book three too, which will hopefully be available over the summer :) I'd also like to publish more of my backlist in audio, so expect some news about my A Dance of Dragons and Midnight Ice series soon!

3. Publish more hardcovers!


One of my favorite things about publishing hardcovers is the ability to make them a bit more special with the unique designs under the dust jacket! I love the naked covers for Once Upon a Curse and The Raven and the Dove, and I can't wait to make more of these special editions for the rest of my young adult backlist. Hopefully I'll be able to get hardcovers available for Midnight Fire, Midnight Ice, and A Dance of Dragons before the year is up!

4. Write the fourth book in The Raven and the Dove!

I've started outlining book four, and I'm hoping to get the entire thing written by the time The Dragon and the Queen goes on sale! I probably won't be releasing it until 2022, but I am excited to start revealing the title, cover, and description later on this year! The series is going to close with a bang!

5. Start working on a new romance series!

It's been a hot second since I released a contemporary romance under my pen name Kay Marie, and with all the craziness of 2020, my heart is longing to return to the bubbly fun of romantic comedies! I've already got a cover for the first book in the new series I'm hoping to launch maybe in the fall of 2021 :) The series will be a fun spin on The Bachelor, so I hope all my fellow Bachelor Nation fans will enjoy it!

And those are my author goals for 2021!!

I'm hoping to find a good balance between being a mom and being an author this year, and I'm confident I will! Even though it might take some time, I think 2021 will be a wonderful year professionally and the beginning of a new chapter for me. We'll take the journey together!

Since I'm a reader first, I also want to highlight some books I'm looking forward to reading this year :) Normally I list a top five, but I have too many books I'm looking forward to this year - and with all the nursing I'm doing, I've been reading more than ever! 

So here is...

My 2021 TBR!





What books are you most excited for this year? 

Hopefully The Dragon and the Queen :) Leave a comment below with some other titles - I'd love to check them out!

Happy new year! 🎉🎉

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December 31, 2020

A Look Back at 2020...

2020 has been a terrible year in so many ways, but for me personally it’s been filled with so much light! Between launching The Raven and the Dove a few months ago and seeing all the love it’s received, and giving birth to my baby girl, both professionally and personally I have so much to be grateful for—so I just want to say thank you for making what could have been just a horrible year in some ways wonderful! 


I'm looking forward to seeing what 2021 brings, but first, I want to take a moment to reflect on all the accomplishments from the past year :) Obviously, giving birth and expanding my family is the number one best thing that happened to me this year, but professionally, I have some other highlights!

So, here are...

My Top Five Author Moments of 2020!

1. Launched a new series with The Raven and the Dove!


This year I launched the first two books and the prequel novella for my new series, The Raven and the Dove! I absolutely adore these characters, and it warms my heart so much every time I think about the wonderful response to their story. The Raven and the Dove launched as a #1 New Release in the Amazon store and maintained that status for a few weeks (!!). It also is the first book of mine to have fan art, as well as a foreign edition. And it got the most pre-orders of any first-in-series book I've ever published. I can't wait to continue the momentum in 2021 with the release of the third book!

2. Had my first foreign edition of a book published!

As I mentioned above, The Raven and the Dove is the first book of mine to ever be published in a foreign language. I sold the rights to Eksmo Publishing in Russia in 2019, but this year the foreign edition went on sale and I got to hold the physical copy in my hands! Being an indie author, foreign language rights isn't something I ever thought I would see, so it's truly a magical experience for me!

3. Launched new covers for my To Catch a Thief series!


I've been obsessed with the recent illustrated cover trend for romance novels, so I had to jump on the bandwagon with my To Catch a Thief series! I adored the original covers, but I love these ones so much more!! They're adorable and perfectly reflect the enemies-to-lovers, romcom vibe of the series! I'm going to start working on a new contemporary romance series in 2021, and I'll definitely be keeping up with the illustrated cover style :)

4. Saw fan art of my characters!


While I've commissioned art for my books before, this is the first year I've ever seen fan art for my books! Lyana is such a strong character, and I'm thrilled so many wonderful readers (some of whom happen to be artists) fell in love with her spirit! If you click the images above, you'll head to the Instagram profiles of the wonderful artists for these three fan arts! I absolutely love them and I bought print outs for my office :)

5. Published hardcover books for the first time!


Hardcover editions have been on my to-do list for a long time, and this year I finally took the dive! Both books in The Raven and the Dove launched with hardcover editions and also pre-orders, and I published my entire Once Upon a Curse series in hardcover as well! My favorite aspect is the special feature of having a different design beneath the dust jacket - I think it gives the hard cover a more deluxe feel. I can't wait to continue working through my backlist until all my young adult books are all available in this new format!

And those are my top five author moments of 2020! 

Of course, so many amazing things happened this year and I've interacted with so many wonderful readers, so this is just a highlight! 2020 truly was a special year. I've never had so many people reach out with love for my books, and every single tweet, message, post, and comment has a warm place in my heart.

Before I go, as is tradition, I also want to include my...

Top Five Reads of 2020!

This was a recommendation from my dad, who always sends fabulous books my way, so I knew I'd love it. I had NO idea I would love it as much as I did. The murder mystery ended up being only a small part of the intrigue. I was completely wrapped up in the main character's story and the gorgeous descriptions of the wildlife of the south. Highly recommend!

This is the second book of the series, but it said it could be read as a standalone, so I decided to take a chance even though I hadn't read book one. Well, it blew my socks off! The fantasy world is a mix of roman and feudal influences, the magic is complex, and the romance drew me in. The third book releases this year, as does a novella I believe, and I can't wait to dive in!

I first saw this book making the rounds on Instagram, and I was curious about the gorgeous cover and all the rave reviews. I'm so glad I purchased a copy! This story is a book lovers dream! I loved the parallel tales, the fast pace, and all the swoony romance, not to mention the dreamy writing. This is definitely a book I will go back to again and again! I need to buy a copy for my shelves :)

I'm not usually a huge fan of historical romance novels - I'll pick one up ever so often - but the feminist angle of this series and the adorable cover sucked me in. I ended up LOVING it and I eagerly gobbled down book two! The third book comes out in 2021 and I already preordered it. Combine that with my binge watch of Bridgerton on Netflix, and historical romance might just be my new obsession, lol!

This book was everywhere a few years ago, and I had it on my tbr for ages, but I finally started reading it during a twelve hour flight to Hawaii back in February (before Covid kept me at home). I wasn't sure what to expect, so color me surprised when the flight passed in a blink and I found myself logging onto the plane internet to immediately start book two! I adore these quirky characters and the gender-swapped spin on Pretty Woman. I can easily see this one turning into a movie!

And that's it for 2020! 

See you all in the new year!! 💛💖💛

December 29, 2020

The Dragon and the Queen - Cover Reveal!

 I just realized I never shared the cover reveal for The Dragon and the Queen on my blog! 


I really think Lyana and Rafe reach peak badassery on this cover! I'm obsessed with the art, which was once again done by the fabulous Salome Totladze (@morgana0anagrom on Instagram)! Since the cover has been out for a while, I won't hold you in suspense!

Without further ado...








The cover!!!


And here's the full series line up :)



Here's the current book description - I'll be revealing the full one in 2021!

A queen foretold to save the world.
A dragon in search of his destiny.
New enemies change the game as the final battle draws near...

Don't miss the thrilling third book in The Raven and the Dove, where winged people rule the skies, a lost kingdom lives at sea, and two star-crossed lovers hold the fate of each in their palms. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo!

You can preorder the ebook on Amazon now :) 

Paperback and hardcover links will be coming in 2021, and don't forget to check out the preorder giveaway to learn about the exclusive character cards up for grabs! The art for Lyana's card was revealed and it's stunning!

I hope you love the cover!!

September 21, 2020

The Hunter and the Mage is on sale!!

 The Hunter and the Mage is officially on sale! WOOHOO! So excited!

I can't wait for you guys to return to the world of The Raven and the Dove and continue the adventure with these characters. I put them through A LOT in the sequel, but I think you're going to love all the twists and turns their stories take :)

Here's an early review quote:

"A brilliant tale of magic, mayhem and political machinations as ancient enemies and an ancient prophecy collide with what the heart and honor wants...Once again, Kaitlyn Davis has taken me out of my reality and into her world and I loved every minute of it!"

I'm so thrilled reviewers have been loving the sequel! It truly means the world to me!! If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, here are some links:

Amazon (free with Kindle Unlimited!) | B&N | Book Depository


Return to the world of The Raven and the Dove, where winged people rule the skies, a lost kingdom lives at sea, and two star-crossed lovers hold the fate of each in their palms. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo!

A mage written in prophecy…

When Lyana wakes in the Sea of Mist, adventure is the first thing on her mind. But between her unruly new magic and an unyielding young king, the world below comes with more responsibility than she ever dreamed. An entire civilization exists within the fog, and its survival depends entirely on her. 

A hunter forged in blood…

Adrift at sea on a ship full of strangers, Rafe fights to cope with his new reality. He'll do anything to return to the sky and the people he left behind. When a surprising offer comes his way, he instantly accepts, sparing no time to consider the consequences. 

Loyalties are tested and an ancient war begins anew…

With rebellion in her heart, Cassi defies her king and befriends the prince she's been ordered to kill. Oblivious to the threat, Xander welcomes her into his inner circle, determined to rescue his mate. As one works to help and the other to hinder, an ancient enemy stirs, forcing Cassi to choose between trusting the man who broke her heart and turning her back on everything she's ever known. 

With even more romance, angst, and stunning betrayal than ever before, click below to continue the adventure!

eBookAmazon (free with Kindle Unlimited!) | No Kindle?

HardcoverAmazon | B&N | Book Depository

PaperbackAmazon | B&N | Book Depository


PS: If you haven't started the series yet, the first book, The Raven and the Dove, is only $0.99 for a limited time to celebrate the release of book 2! You can grab a copy on Amazon :)

It also recently became available as an audiobook, which is super exciting! Here are some links if that's more your style!


Now, for some more fun--the tour and giveaway!

For the next two weeks, I'll be joined by some absolutely amazing bookstagrammers to celebrate The Hunter and the Mage! At the end of the tour, one winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card PLUS a personalized hardcover edition of The Raven and the Dove! The schedule is posted below :) Be sure you follow along, leave comments, and like all the posts to enter. You can start by visiting my Instagram profile today!

THANK YOU ALL!! Happy reading :)

June 22, 2020

New Look for the To Catch a Thief Series!

I'm so excited to announce that the To Catch a Thief series got a little makeover! 

I absolutely adore this series and these characters, and I missed writing them, so I did the next best thing and revamped the covers 😂😂I have issues--I know. BUT I'm so in love with the recent trend of illustrated romance covers, I had to jump on board. 

And I'm so glad I did, because THESE COVERS ARE AMAZING!

Obviously, you just need to see them for yourselves. So, without further ado....












What do you guys think?! I hope you're in love, like me! 

I have to give a quick shout out to the wonderful cover designer, Red Leaf Book Design -- thank you so much for designing these fabulous new covers for my series!! 

As a reminder, the To Catch a Thief series is currently available on Amazon and is FREE in Kindle Unlimited! You can learn more here:

That's all for now! Thank you!


May 30, 2020

Some personal news...I'm pregnant!

I'm so excited to share some personal news with all of you today... I'm pregnant! My husband and I are expecting our first child, a beautiful baby girl, in November 💗💗

Being an amazing mother to our new daughter is obviously going to be my number one priority, but one of the things I love most about being an author is the flexibility it provides! I control my own schedule. I'm my own boss. And while I will definitely take some time off when she's born, please rest assured, I have NO plans to stop writing. My career is hugely important to me!

Since I'm an indie author, all of the publishing process for my books depends on me, so my schedule will probably slow down a bit. Because of that, I wanted to post a few updates about my upcoming releases, so you have an idea of when to expect new books from me. 

I'm so excited for this new chapter in my life! Thank you all for being part of the ride with me!


The Raven and the Dove Audiobook - July 2020

The audiobook for The Raven and the Dove is still expected to be completed in July 2020, so it's coming soon! I should have some teasers for you in another month :) It's going to be great!

The Hunter and the Mage - September 2020

The Hunter and the Mage is still set to be released on September 21, 2020! The ebook is currently available to pre-order (and don't forget to check out the pre-order goodies -- there are exclusive character cards up for grabs!). The hardcover and paperback editions are expected to go on pre-order in August, and I will let you know as soon as that happens. The audiobook should release in September or October 2020. 

Untitled The Raven and the Dove Book 3 - Summer 2021

I'm already about 25k words into the manuscript for Book 3 (title to be revealed in the fall!) and I intend to have it completed before the baby arrives. The pre-order will go live in early Sept 2020, and the book will go on sale next June/July. 

I'm also planning to have Book 4 fully outlined and ready to write before the baby arrives. I'm currently hoping to release it in Winter 2022 (around Feb/March). While these releases are a little further apart than my usual schedule, they're still closer together than traditionally published books, so I'm taking it as a win :)

Untitled Kay Marie Romance - Coming in 2021

Here's where my schedule gets ambitious, lol, I'm hoping to launch a new romantic comedy series next year! This super fun Bachelor-inspired series has been percolating for a while, but recently the ideas have just been flowing so I know I need to follow my inspiration :) The first book will be a second chance romance, the sequel a fake relationship romance, and the third enemies-to-lovers! I might add more books down the road, but let's start with three 😂

I'll be sharing more news about this soon, but for now, here's the current tagline for book one: "Eight years ago he broke her heart. Now his career depends on helping her find love...with someone else."

I'm also toying with this one... "28 single men. 6 weeks around the world. 1 ex-boyfriend behind the camera. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?"


And that's the schedule for the next year or two! 

Obviously, I will let you know if anything changes. Until then, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more updates about my pregnancy and my upcoming releases 💗

Thank you all!!