June 21, 2021

The Dragon and the Queen is on sale!!

The Dragon and the Queen is on sale today! Yay!! 

This third installment of the series kicks everything into high gear--the action is nonstop, the magic immense, the stakes astronomical, and the romance tortured (hopefully in the best way possible, ha)! Oh, and the ending may destroy you... :) 

On a more personal note, this is the first book I've published since my daughter was born in Oct 2020, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you guys love it, too!

Here's an early review quote:

"Forget everything I ever said about this series because the whole game has changed. The Dragon and the Queen is my favorite book so far. The story just lands on the ground and never stops running. Or flying. Or whatever metaphor works best here. I'm still in shock at that ending." - Lacy, Goodreads

Ahh! I'm so thrilled with the love for this book. I enjoyed every second I spent working on it! If you haven't grabbed your copy yet, here are some links:

Amazon (free with KU!) | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | Indiebound | Waterstones


Return to the world of The Raven and the Dove, where winged people rule the skies, a lost kingdom lives at sea, and two star-crossed lovers hold the fate of each in their palms. Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir, and Leigh Bardugo!

A queen foretold to save the world...

Free from Malek's clutches, Lyana returns to the world above determined to keep the isles from falling. But in a land where magic is forbidden, convincing the avians to believe in her power takes the one thing she doesn't have--time. With Xander's help, she must unravel the puzzle of the rift and gain their trust or lose her home forever.

A dragon in search of his destiny...

Turned into a monster by the king he loathes, Rafe flees Da'Kin. Yet even with the help of his crew, he can't outrun the new power simmering beneath his skin or the gruesome visions haunting his dreams. A dark spirit calls out to him, and soon he'll have to answer.  

New enemies change the game as the final battle draws near...

Stuck in her spirit form, Cassi is at the mercy of the man she betrayed. Before he wreaks his vengeance, she must tell someone what she witnessed in the sacred nest. A demon walks the earth, an evil no one anticipated. But with all her friendships broken, who among them will believe her?

Prophecies unravel. War arrives. And passions burn, threatening to set the world aflame. Click below to continue this epic adventure!

eBook: Amazon (free in Kindle Unlimited) | No Kindle?
Hardcover: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indiebound
Paperback: Amazon | B&N | Book Depository | Indiebound


Now, for some more fun--the tour and giveaway!

For the next two weeks, I'll be joined by some absolutely amazing bookstagrammers to celebrate The Dragon and the Queen! At the end of the tour, one winner will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card PLUS a personalized hardcover edition of The Raven and the Dove! The schedule is posted below :) Be sure you follow along, leave comments, and like all the posts to enter. You can start by visiting my Instagram profile today!

THANK YOU ALL!! Happy reading :)

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