October 2, 2022

Fall Writing Frenzy 2022!

Happy Fall! It's officially the season of apple picking, pumpkin spice, plaid, vests, plaid vests, and... the #FallWritingFrenzy! 

If you read my 2022 New Year's Resolutions, you may remember my final goal of the year was to work on private passion projects that may or may not see the light of day, which is exactly what I've been doing. On top of releasing The Godborn and the King and working on my new rom com The Love Rematch, I've been having an absolute blast participating in wonderful contests like this as well as writing a whole slew of picture book manuscripts. It's so inspiring! And I'm thrilled to finally share a little something with all of you :)

Before I get to my entry, I'd like to thank agent Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and author Lydia Lukidis for putting on this fabulous fall-inspired contest! And a special shout out to Alyssa Reynoso-Morris, the guest judge this year, as well as all the prize donors who you can read about here

If you're new to this contest, it is pretty open ended. Pick one of the provided images and write a 200-word story for children of any age - board book through young adult. And that's it! 

Here's the image I selected. If you know me, you know I can't resist a dog! 

(Credit: Sarah Pflug for Burst)

Without further ado...

🐾 🎃 🐾

The One and Only Fig
By Kaitlyn Davis
200 Words

Welcome to Witchling Academy!

Witches to the Left - Familiars to the Right

“It’s the first day of school! Are you ready, Fig?”


Fiona adjusted his cape and scratched his head. 

“I’ll miss you, boy.”

Then she went left. And he went right. 


It didn’t take Fig long to realize he would never fit in. 

He wasn’t as sneaky as a cat. Crash!

Or as creepy as a snake. Eww.

He wasn’t as spooky as a wolf. Awooo-cough-cough.

Or as crawly as a spider. Help!

He couldn’t jump like a toad. Or fly like a crow. The bats were way too cool. The foxes were way too crafty. And don’t even get him started on the rats. Eek!

Fig was just… Fig. 


When the cauldron clanged at the end of the day, Fig walked out with his head hung low.

“Fig! Oh, Fig!”

Fiona hugged him fiercely.

“It was horrible! My potions wouldn’t bubble. My spells wouldn’t sparkle. I’m the worst witch ever!”


He nuzzled closer. 

“I’m so glad you’re here,” Fiona whispered. 

Fig’s heart warmed. 

Maybe he wasn’t the creepiest or the sneakiest familiar, but he was the cuddliest, snuggliest familiar.

And that was enough.

🐾 🎃 🐾

I hope you enjoyed my story! Happy Fall!