April 24, 2023

The Raven and the Dove Special Edition Omnibus is now available!

The Raven and the Dove Special Edition Omnibus is officially on sale, and I'm SO excited! If you haven't seen me gushing all over social media with this news, here's a quick rundown.

The ebook edition is free on Kindle Unlimited and it includes all four books in the series, the prequel novella, PLUS the FOUR brand new exclusive bonus scenes told by Rafe, Lyana, Cassi, and Xander! 

However, if you want in on all the amazing new art and a gorgeous shelf-worthy book, the hard copies are where it's at! There's a paperback edition, a hardcover edition, and a deluxe hardcover edition with full interior color (ah!). All three editions include all four books in the series, the prequel novella, and the four exclusive bonus scenes PLUS six character portraits, five interior art spreads, nine scene illustrations, a world map, and exclusive under-the-dust-jacket / inside-the-flap *full color* art!

Sounds amazing, right? Check out these photos:


*Grabby hands!*

If you want a copy for your shelves, here are some links:


Deluxe Hardcover with Interior Color


And if you're still reading this post, here's one final surprise...

A giveaway!!

I would love to bolster the amount of reviews for this omnibus on the Amazon retail page, so I'm hosting a little giveaway of character art as an incentive (US only due to mailing constraints). I still have some leftover postcards with the character portraits by Dominique Wesson from the preorder campaigns for the individual books. Here's a photo to remind you how STUNNING they are!

If you want a complete set of all six postcards, plus a signed book plate, plus a postcard with an art scene featuring all four main characters, just write a review on Amazon for this special edition. Send a link to the review to my email KaitlynDavisBooks (at) gmail.com with the subject "TRATD Special Edition Omnibus Review Giveaway" and include the address where you want your goodies mailed. It's open for as long as supplies last :)

Thank you so much for all your love for this series!!

I hope you adore the special edition!

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