October 24, 2018

#IGWritersOct Week 3!

I decided to participate in this super fun Instagram challenge for the month of Oct called #IGWritersOct! Every day of Oct, we're given a new prompt about our books, our inspirations, our writing preferences, and more :) Then we post a photo along with a fun caption!

If you want to get the daily update/post, you can follow me on Instagram (@KaitlynDavisBooks), or I'll be posting weekly updates here on my website.

And now, onto week 3 :)


#IGWritersOct Day 15 - #MotivationMonday

Woke up to this amazing tweet 😭😍 My readers are my motivation, my inspiration, and my confidence boost when I need one! Hearing from you guys always means the absolute world to me! #authorlife #authorsofinstagram


#IGWritersOct Days 14 & 16 - Mini & Major Writing Goals

The cover reveal for Stolen Goods is on the 16th (yay!!) so I combined the day 16 challenge with today’s! Please ignore the terrible handwriting...I’ve been told it means I’m creative 😱😆😱😆 #amwriting #authorlife #writinggoals


#IGWritersOct Day 17 - Writer Secret

The love triangle that made some readers love me, some love to hate me, and some downright mad, was unplanned! 😱🤯 But that’s part of the fun in writing—sometimes your characters surprise you! Even though I’m a plotter, I never quite know where a story or a series is going until it’s done!


#IGWritersOct Day 18 - Favorite Writing Spot

Home :) Sometimes my desk, sometimes the kitchen table, the couch, or the porch, but always with this little one! 👩‍💻🐕 #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #doglife #dogmom


#IGWritersOct Day 19 - Notebook

Organized chaos 😂😂 These pages are full of to do lists, brainstorming ideas, editing notes, world maps, character profiles, plot arcs—you name it, I’ve scribbled about it! #amwriting #amediting #authorlife


#IGWritersOct Day 20 - #ThrowbackThursday ... on Saturday 😜

Here’s a throwback to when I received my first check back in 2011! I think it was for like $12 lol but it’s still the best money I’ve ever made! 😆😆 #authorlife #indieauthor


#IGWritersOct Day 21 - Title Envy

Sent Stolen Goods off to my beta readers 🙌🎉 
Celebrating with this insane cucumber pedicure... 😂😂

Also, today is #IGWritersOct Day 21 - Title Envy: Coming up with titles is one of my least favorite aspects of writing! Literally, the worst! My Confessions series titles are probably my favorite of mine, and here are a few titles I adore (and am so jealous I didn’t think of, lol!): One of Us Is Lying, Dorothy Must Die, Wallbanger, The Day the Crayons Quit, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and All the Light We Cannot See... just to name a few! #booktitles #favoritebooktitles


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