October 17, 2018

#IGWritersOct Week 2!

I decided to participate in this super fun Instagram challenge for the month of Oct called #IGWritersOct! Every day of Oct, we're given a new prompt about our books, our inspirations, our writing preferences, and more :) Then we post a photo along with a fun caption!

If you want to get the daily update/post, you can follow me on Instagram (@KaitlynDavisBooks), or I'll be posting weekly updates here on my website.

Here's week 2!


#IGWritersOct Day 8 - Writing Tools

This photo pretty much sums it up! My computer, my notebook, my calendar, a few sweets, and a big ol’ cup of joe! Some inspiration doesn’t hurt either... 😂😂 #authorlife #authorsofinstagram #amwriting


#IGWritersOct Day 9 - #TeaserTuesday

So excited to share this first sneak peek at #StolenGoods, the second book in my To Catch A Thief series!! What happens when a bad boy and a good girl go on the run? You’ve got to read it to find out 😜❤️🔥 Don’t miss the cover reveal on the 16th!! Yay! #kaymarie #bookstagram #ireadromance


#IGWritersOct Day 10 - Your Favorite Advice

It’s impossible to pick a single favorite piece of advice, but I do love this quote (and I do love Joss Whedon! #buffyfanforlife) ❤️❤️ Stories should never be all one thing—even the most horrific tale should provide a moment to smile, even the sweetest romance should ping with a beat of sadness. Life is never just one thing, so art shouldn’t be either. The ups and down, the juxtapositions, keep it interesting. 📝👩‍💻A few more quotes I love:
“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” - Sylvia Plath
“You can’t edit a blank page.” - Jodi Picoult
“The first draft of everything is shit.” - Ernest Hemingway


#IGWritersOct Day 11 - Your Books

Well...here they are! 😱🤯🤩 Not sure how I went from secretly publishing my first book back in 2011 to needing two shelves and a selfie stick to fit them all in a photo! I’m so happy and lucky to be living my dream! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all my amazing readers for making this happen!


#IGWritersOct Day 12 - Books That Inspire You

Here’s a very, very small selection of books that have inspired me! Some inspired my dream of being an author, others inspire me to work harder, to be better, and to try new things! While these are some of my absolute favorite books/authors, there are many more 💖💖 Every time I pick up a new book, I learn something, which is, in and of itself, inspiring!


#IGWritersOct Day 13 - 13th Page of Your WIP

If you don’t like this excerpt from #StolenGoods, I’m going to sic my dog on you... 😂😜 JK! I’d be impressed if you could even read it (yes, I actually do write all my manuscripts in TNR 12pt font, single spaced 🤦‍♀️)! Here’s a teaser from the page: “He’d have to be smooth. Charming. Stick a one-hundred watt smile on his face and beguile her with his dimples. Hell, they’d pulled him out of more than one sticky situation.” #bookstagram #kaymarie #teaser


#IGWritersOct Days 14 & 16 - Mini & Major Writing Goals

The cover reveal for Stolen Goods is on the 16th (yay!!) so I combined the day 16 challenge with today’s! Please ignore the terrible handwriting...I’ve been told it means I’m creative 😱😆😱😆 #amwriting #authorlife #writinggoals

PS. If you want to see that cover reveal, just head to my blog post!


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