May 10, 2013

Cover Convos #1: To Color Or Not To Color?

Happy Friday!!! 

I've been thinking recently that too much of my blog is about, well, me--and I want to broaden the scope of my posts! Obviously, I'll still give you as many updates as I can on all of my projects, but I want to talk about more things, more often! 

Hence, cover convos! This is the first new feature I'm bringing to the table. Every so often, I'll post about covers--ones I think are unique or cover trends I like or maybe even trends that I don't. Just anything that's on my mind that I want your opinion on! 

Up first? To color or not to color... with Jennifer E. Smith's covers! 

I have to say, I ADORE this cover! You know me... black and white with a punch of color is definitely my style. But what I really love is the type treatment! I think all writers are a tad obsessed with fonts (I know I am!), and I think the polished-handwriting look here is perfect. It's almost right out of a teenager's journal (especially with the doodles!), but just slightly more professional. 

And most importantly to me--the cover is unique! I first spotted this book on a table in Barnes & Noble, and it completely caught my eye because it was SO different than all of the other surrounding covers. I was intrigued and needed to know more--cover win! 

The one downside? I wish the heart stood out more. I think the overall balance is just slightly base-heavy with the "LOVE" standing out a little too much. I probably would have made the heart doodle thicker or filled it in with a few squiggles. 

Which brings me to book two...

I'm not sure if one of these is from a galley, or from a foreign publisher, but I've seen both covers floating around and I much prefer the second! I think the added layer of color brings out the type even more, and makes the entire cover look more balanced and in sync. 

But that's why this is a cover CONVO! What do you think? Am I talking crazy or do you think in this case more color was better? 

Let me know and spread the news! I'll be introducing more feature posts soon! 


  1. Hmm...nice points made here indeed. AS for me, I ADORE the first cover and personally think the heart as an after thought even to the eye works rather well. With the "Happy" book, I don't know, perhaps it's the minimalist side of me (which doesn't come out often online ^_^) but I prefer the first one again. I think the HAPPY and the streaks of sunshine play their part and allow the rest to float together much like the couple (?) in the boat. But that's just MY two cents. ^_^ (Great new feature by the way!)

    1. Thanks for your input Gina!! That's why I LOVE this sort of feature, so great to hear a different perspective!