April 4, 2013

SCORCH is out!!! And a very sincere THANK YOU!

First things first... SCORCH IS OUT!!!!! Woohoo!!!! 

If you're a Kindle user, here's an Amazon link: 

For everyone else, here's a link to download a compatible copy at Smashwords (I unfortunately have no control over the retailer distribution, but I will update you all when Scorch is available on B&N/Apple...)

But before I end this blog post (and go back to finalizing my blog tour interviews!), I really want to say thank you. 

On every other publication day, from Ignite to Blaze, I've been completely ecstatic--smily all day, jumpy with excitement, and generally hyper. But something was different with Scorch. Something I didn't really expect. I woke up sad, not completely depressed, but there was this sort of cloud hanging over my mood that I couldn't shake. And I tried--because I've been SO excited to share Scorch with you all--but nothing worked. Until I realized what the problem was--the Midnight Fire Series was completed. 

I've known for a long time that Scorch would mean the end of the series, but it never really hit me until today--I think I was ignoring it a little. Because I love this story, and I adore these characters, but most of all I am so truly grateful for all of the readers who have taken this journey with me.

So as soon as I saw that Scorch had gone live, I turned to you guys. I posted a note on my Facebook wall and here was the immediate response: 

So THANK YOU!! Thank you to everyone who has ever reached out to me and to everyone who has enjoyed my books from afar. Not only have you taken this amazing journey with me, but right when I was afraid that Scorch would mean the end, you reminded me that the Midnight Fire Series really is just the beginning.

I'll write more books, I'll invent new characters, but I hope that all of you will be with me for the long haul. 

Cheers to the future! It's going to be amazing! 

But for now, Scorch is on-sale and I truly hope you love it! 


  1. Can't wait for your next series because I know I will absolutely love it. <3 Erin

  2. as you are, i will be sad to see the series end. but im sure we haven't seen the last of you. you will invent a new series and we will fall in love with that one too!!

  3. Just finished Scorch and all I can say is... wow.

  4. This whole series just blew my mind! I finished Scorch last night. Awesome book! I will reread these in the future for certain!!!

  5. I just started the first book but so far it's great! In a few hours I'll finish it, can't wait to read them all.

  6. Dear Kaitlyn,
    My name is Ana Paula and I only found out about the series very recently - I bought the first three books only a week ago and what a trip it has been! I agonized when I finished Blaze, thinking I'd have to wait for the final book but just like Luke I said "No" and started digging the kindle store for the last part of your amazing story. I found Scorch on my Kindle, on the Kindle store in about 30 seconds on Saturday night and started reading immediately. Unfortunately I had lots of work to do yesterday and also my family to care for so the final read was delayed a little bit - but not too much. I just finished reading Scorch and... WOW! Perfect ending - loved it! What can I say? You're a genius!! So, THANK YOU!!!