May 29, 2013

**New Series Alert** 5 Fun Facts!

After many hours of brainstorming, outlining and researching, I am FINALLY ready to begin writing the first book in my new series!!

But before I disappear into the writing abyss and go completely AWOL, I want to fill you in on what's coming :) I have no title, no series name, no cover, and no back of the book description... BUT I do have five fun facts to help appease your hopefully rabid curiosity! 

FUN FACT #1: Young adult fantasy! 

There will be magic, knights, and warring kingdoms, but also a ton of things you'll never see coming. Like always, I love a fast-paced book that shocks, awes and totally makes you swoon. 

FUN FACT #2: Duel perspectives! 

That's right--the two main characters, a girl named Jinji and a boy named Whylrhen, will have alternating perspectives for the entire book. I was really inspired after channeling Luke & Tristan's perspectives during my blog tour, and I decided I really wanted to try it out in the new series. Having both perspectives will bring a whole new depth to the story--especially since each character has a hidden past and a whole slew of secrets to keep. 

FUN FACT #3: No love triangle! 

While I LOVED the Kira, Tristan, Luke storyline in my Midnight Fire Series, I'm ready for a straight-up two person romance. Of course, that doesn't mean it will come easily... or at all... 

FUN FACT #4: Never-before-seen magical powers!

Jinji has the power to weave the elements together to create master illusions. Whylrhen has a fire affinity he refuses to ackknowledge. But neither of them has any idea what they're truly capable of, or what lies ahead. Their story has played out before, in a long-forgotten time--a time of myth that is about to be reborn. 

FUN FACT #5: No one is safe!

People will die... lots of them. But that is something you'll have to wait and discover on your own :)

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