January 7, 2019

STOLEN GOODS is on sale!! Plus a Giveaway :)

Stolen Goods is on sale!! WOOHOO!

If you've never heard of this book, here's everything you need to know: A good girl + a bad boy + art + baked goods + Russian hitmen + an unforgettable road trip = SO MANY FEELS!

You can grab a copy on Amazon :)

Both books in the series are free in Kindle Unlimited, and I also discounted the first book to only $0.99 for the next week in honor of the new release! More info and links are pasted below!

Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to enter the $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway!! If you go to my Facebook page, I'm hosting a second $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway there too. You can enter both!

 I hope you guys fall in love with this adventurous rom com series :)


Catch Me If You Can meets Tangled in this funny and feel-good adventurous romance, new from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie.

Addison Abbot is a dreamer--she dreams of owning her own cake shop, of traveling the world, of finding Prince Charming. But when it comes to actually following any of those dreams, she's a little, well, stuck. So when a devilishly handsome stranger saves her from two robbers with guns and pulls her into the adventure of a lifetime, she's determined to find her fairy tale ending--until she realizes he's the most wanted criminal in America, that is.

Thaddeus Ryder was just another run-of-the-mill international art thief until his latest heist went south. Now, his face is on every news station, his name is making headlines, and his partner is working for the feds. Talk about a bad week on the job. His only option is to flee the country. But when hitmen for the Russian mafia interrupt his getaway, Thad gains an accidental companion--a baking beauty who might be too tempting to resist.

When a good girl meets a bad boy, sparks are bound to fly. But this con man is about to discover the only thing he can't steal is her heart...


Or paperbacks are available here for any non-Kindle readers :)


The first book in the series, Hot Pursuit, is only $0.99 for the next week to celebrate the new release!

All Jolene Carter has ever wanted is a bakery of her own. There's only one problem. Her father, Robert Carter, is a world-renowned art thief and she's, well, sort of his protégé. But he's promised her this next job in New York will be their last, and she won't let anyone get in the way of her dreams...especially not the distractingly delicious FBI agent hot on her tail.

Agent Nate Parker has been on the Robert Carter case for years, and if rumors of the aging criminal's retirement are true, this might be his last chance to nail him. With the legacy of his late father in the back of his mind, the stakes are more personal than anyone realizes. He won't let anything stand in the way of justice...especially not the red-headed vixen who keeps giving him the slip.

He's a cop who'd never bend. She's a con who'll never break. But all's fair in love and larceny...


Or paperbacks are available here for any non-Kindle readers :)


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