August 28, 2017

Midnight Ice Book 4 Title Reveal!!

Super excited to reveal the title of Midnight Ice Book 4, the final book in this series!! 

I'd originally planned Midnight Ice as a three book series, but while writing Fracture, I realized the story demanded one more book! But there was one issue--I had NO IDEA what to call it! So, last month, I turned to my Newsletter for help! 

My AMAZING subscribers helped me choose the title by filling out a poll and some people even submitted their own ideas which was so awesome! You guys seriously have wonderful imaginations and I had so much fun reading the entries! Here are a few:


However, one title grabbed the most votes by far (and luckily it was my favorite one too), so...

Without further ado...

The title for Midnight Ice Book 4 is...





THANK YOU to my subscribers for helping me pick the title!! 

I hope you all like it! 

Lots more Midnight Ice info will be coming in the fall, you can check the series page on my website for all the updates :) Fracture goes on sale Oct 3rd, and Shatter will go on pre order at around the same time! Cover reveal, teasers, and more are on the way!

If you want to get a special sneak peek at Fracture, be sure to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter, because I'll be sharing an exclusive preview with them on my Sep 1 mailing :)

Yay! Hope everyone enjoys the last week of summer!

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