Midnight Ice

Midnight Ice is a brand new spinoff to Midnight Fire, a bestselling series with over 200,000 copies sold and over 5000 5-star reviews on Goodreads! 

This series tells the story of a vampire thief named Pandora! After a deep betrayal four years ago, she ran away from home, but now her ex boyfriend has tracked her down and the fate she's been trying to escape is about catch up. Fans will enjoy special appearances from Kira, Luke and Tristan while falling in love with the new characters and new adventure of Midnight Ice. 

You do not need to read the books of Midnight Fire to enjoy Frost (Midnight Ice Book One). They are two standalone series with character crossover!


Frost (Midnight Ice Book One)

Even the hottest love can turn a girl cold-blooded...

Life's tough for a vampire thief on the run--just ask Pandora Scott, she knows. Four years ago she ran away from home after everyone she loved betrayed her. But now her annoyingly grown up (and handsome) ex boyfriend is stalking her, begging her to return. A mysterious vamp with a particularly dangerous (and sexy) stare keeps popping unexpectedly into her life. The extremely powerful head vampire of New York is hunting her down because she may (or may not) have broken into his highly-secure, highly-secretive personal vault. And the fate she's been trying to outrun? Well, it's about to catch up. Because even a super-speedy vamp with the ability to disappear can't escape her own destiny.

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Freeze (Midnight Ice Book Two)

When life gives you lemons, throw them back (really, really hard).

Pandora Scott is in jail…again. Everyone she once loved betrayed her…again. And some of the most powerful people in the world want her dead…yes, again. Sound familiar? But if there’s one thing Pandora is good at, it’s wriggling her way out of life or death situations, and this time is no different. Armed with her ability to disappear and aided by the mysterious Sam, Pandora’s got a plan. Escape the most secure prison in the world. Evade the most powerful trackers on the planet. Forget every word that Jax has ever told her. And figure out how to change one teeny tiny thing—fate. Easy, right? Well…doable, at least. 

Coming spring/summer 2017!

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