June 19, 2015

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! Blog Tour -- Blythe Keaton Character Spotlight!

As promised, I'm bringing you guys all of the promo posts from my blog tour just in case you missed them! So far we've had Skye's spotlightOllie's spotlightBridget's spotlight and Patrick's spotlight! Last, but certainly not least--at least not in her mind--is Blythe!

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And now...the spotlight!



Name: Blythe Keaton, the one and only

Occupation: Newspaper assistant, don’t remind her, and Manhattan socialite

Who Is She? The main character Skylar’s coworker who had been working for the Style section long before Skylar started, and according to her, completely deserved a column of her own. So, basically, the coworker from hell. You might recognize the last name—she’s also the sister to Skylar’s boy interest of the moment, Patrick Keaton. Before you ask—yes, Skye is already aware she has issues and needs to stop getting crushes on people’s older brothers…

Loves: All things fashion, attending fall and spring collection previews, picking that perfect gown for a charity gala, her Birkin bag, having minions, and buying a new pair of Christian LouBoutin heels.

Hates: Models, dancers, usurpers of any kind, and women who walk around in hoodies. And B.O., but that’s just common sense.  

Guilty Pleasures: Blythe doesn’t really see the point of guilty pleasures—everything she does is fabulous.


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