June 18, 2015

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! Blog Tour -- Patrick Keaton Character Spotlight!

As promised, I'm bringing you guys all of the promo posts from my blog tour just in case you missed them! So far we've had Skye's spotlightOllie's spotlight and Bridget's spotlight! Today, it's time for more photos of cute boys! Otherwise known as...Patrick's spotlight!

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And now...the spotlight!



Name: Patrick Keaton — Never Pat, Patty, or PK

Occupation: Investment banker with some money to burn

Who Is He? Someone who wants to burn said money on our main character Skylar! Just because she’s a virgin, doesn’t mean she’s a saint! And Patrick is everything she’s not supposed to date—rich and cocky with all-American good looks, and enough moves to make her question how many times he’s pulled them on other girls before her…

Loves: Sailing, expensive restaurants, grabbing a beer after work with his best friends, generally bro-ing out Upper-East-Side-style, competition, and a good chase.

Hates: Anyone who doesn’t like sailing, girls with no mystery, when the market falls, anytime it rains at the beach, people who can’t seem to let loose and have a good time, and losing—at anything.

Guilty Pleasures: Secretly a momma’s boy…and secretly doesn’t care who knows it.


Coming tomorrow -- Blythe's spotlight, the final one!

You can visit my pinterest board now for all of the character images and the original websites where I found them! 

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