June 16, 2015

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! Blog Tour -- Ollie McDonough Character Spotlight!

As promised, I'm bringing you guys all of the promo posts from my blog tour just in case you missed them! Yesterday we had Skye's spotlight, and today it's Ollie's turn!

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And now...the spotlight!



Name: Oliver McDonough – Ollie to his friends!

Occupation: Sous-chef at an American Steakhouse…double yum!

Who Is He? Hmm…where to begin? Ollie is our main character Skylar’s secret crush, her best friend Bridget’s older brother, and their new roommate. Of course, he’s also the guy who broke Skylar’s heart, but maybe wants to put it back together again…maybe.

Loves: Cooking, giving his sister a hard time, teasing Skye mercilessly, looking too handsome to be real, putting on a good brood when he has to, playing football, and using his piercing turquoise eyes to make any girl around him fall just a little bit in love.

Hates: Any guy his sister is dating, any guy Skye is dating for that matter, the chick-flicks he’s forced to endure in his new apartment, the fact that Skye hasn’t spoken to him in four years, bicyclists in New York, and overcooking fish, obviously.

Guilty Pleasures: The chick-flicks he forced to endure in his new apartment…take that secret to your grave!


Coming tomorrow -- Bridget's spotlight!

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