June 15, 2015

Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! Blog Tour -- Skylar Quinn Character Spotlight!

As promised, I'm bringing you guys all of the promo posts from my blog tour just in case you missed them! Starting with Skye's character spotlight! 

Don't forget -- Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! is available on Amazon now :)


Or paperbacks!


And now...the spotlight!



Name: Skylar Quinn – Skye to her friends, and well, anyone else who wants!

Occupation: Newspaper assistant and reluctant sex columnist…

Who Is She? Skylar is the main character of Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist! —the story is told in her first person narration. She’s a virgin, a sex columnist, and is, well, pretty much totally anxious about the whole thing. Throw in the secret crush on her best friend’s brother, who also happens to be her new roommate, and you might understand her frequent heart palpitations :)

Loves: Ollie! No, wait…she used to. She still does? Well, you guys can decide because Skye and I sure can’t! Other loves include coffee, desserts, sugary things in general, reading by the windowsill while it rains, cheesy love scenes, and writing of course—especially when said writing doesn’t include fabricating sexual scenarios for her column.

Hates: High heels, hitting on guys, the never-ending embarrassing moments that seem to plague her life, lying in general (yeah, I see the irony here), and, what did I forget? Oh, right. Ollie!

Guilty Pleasures: Reality television binge watching sessions with Bridget, and, um, secretly watching Ollie flex his biceps out of the corner of her eye!


Coming tomorrow -- Ollie's spotlight!

You can visit my pinterest board now for all of the character images and the original websites where I found them! 

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