December 1, 2012

November was a GREAT month!!

Happy December everyone!! Before I put my Christmas gear up, I want to take a look back on November, which has been a truly amazing month! 

I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean I don't have a ton to say. 

First up, SCORCH update!! 

NaNoWriMo was a complete blast! I ended up reaching about 25,000 words, which I know to some NaNo writer's is pitiful, but for me it was a great writing month. I'm taking things a little slower with Scorch because I want to make sure it is perfect, and so far I'm loving the story line. I'm only seven chapters in and already there's been some crazy fight scenes and some great romantic moments :) 

And--to give you something to look forward to--I've already decided what everyone's Christmas present from me will be...

wait for it...

The first chapter of Scorch!!! I'm going to reveal it on my Facebook page on Christmas day, so be ready for a little reading :)

In other news, sales have been truly AMAZING this month! Making Ignite free was one of the best decisions I've made as a writer. Not only are tons of people reading and enjoying it, but tons more are continuing the series and that just completely warms my heart.

Here's a stat breakdown for Amazon alone:
  • Ignite: 30,039 downloads!!!!
  • Simmer: 2978 purchases!
  • Blaze: 2436 purchases!
Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any updates through Smashwords about my iTunes or Barnes&Noble sales, but I'm pretty excited to see what they were because...

Simmer and Blaze were in the Top 50 Children's eBooks for almost the entire month on iTunes!!! And, my sales rank soared at Barnes & Noble. 

And after all of this amazing news, I only have one more thing left to say...

Seriously, I feel like so many of my dreams are starting to come true and you readers are the reason why! THANK YOU for all of your support, kind words, enthusiasm and general amazingness!! Thank you!


  1. Kaitlyn, I just wanted to tell you that i was one of those for each book in November. I myself have not ready more than 2 books since out of high school never been a big reader and yet I read all 3 of yours in a month n a half I couldn't put it down usually it's my husband but this time it was me. I can't wait for your new book to come out!!! Your doing a great job. keep it up and above all believe in yourself!! May God Bless you!! Merry Christmas and happy new year!!~Sarah

  2. I'm super stoked about this book coming out can't wait. and when will it be on Barnes and Noble? Just have to say you are 1 of my top favorite Arthur's. Keep them coming I love reading your books.