October 8, 2011

Why And What I Write

Seeing as this is my first post, I figured I should write about something people will hopefully be coming to this sight to learn about...my writing! 

The first thing to know: I don't take writing too seriously! Before you say, what you're a writer? Let me explain. It's my passion, and I edit my stories countless amounts of times, never thinking they are perfect enough or totally finished, but I don't think novels have to be of the James Joyce persuasion to be worthwhile. I'm the first to profess my love of Gatsy and all things Mr. Darcy, but I think writing for entertainment's sake is admirable too. And, that's what I attempt to do with my novels, entertain people: make them unwittingly smile or inadvertently gasp in shock!

I'd rather someone pick up my novels and race through them, trying to get to the end as fast as possible to find out what happens, rather than put my book down to grab a dictionary to decipher what I'm saying. 

Where this comes from? I am pretty sure it comes from all my English professors telling me I am too happy to be a writer! Yup, I am not exaggerating, I've actually have had multiple professional educators say that to me! I apologize for always having a smile on my face and laughing a lot, but that does not mean I can't write! I've always gobbled up romance, fantasy and chick-lit books, devouring stories and characters, and that's just the sort of fiction I love to read. 

So, throughout college, I suffered through writing morose story after morose story (from the death of loved ones to depression at the everyday life), until my senior year when I finally realized I was through! I started writing fantasy and the fiction I wanted to write, and that's what I plan to do for the rest of my life. 

So, ranting aside, I hope you enjoy my books! My first ebook is coming out sometime in the next two weeks (on my final round of edits!). It's called Ignite, and it's the first of a four book series called the Midnight Fire series. If you click on the "Midnight Fire" tab you can see the cover design and get a sneak preview! Enjoy! 

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