November 18, 2019

Parting Worlds is on sale!! Woohoo!

I'm so thrilled to announce that Parting Worlds is officially on sale!!!



It's always a little bittersweet when the final book in a series goes on sale. I started Once Upon a Curse back in 2015 and it's been such an incredible journey. I've seen my writing grow with each new release, and I think this last installment is no different! Aerewyn and Erick's story brings a whole new layer to the entire series, and I hope you fall in love with them the way I did! 

The blog tour started this morning, and the first review is in, so I have to share a little snippet:

"Loved it! A fantastic addition to this magic world of fae, magic, love, loss and so much more. I enjoyed the characters and their forbidden romance was my favorite from the series."

Thank you, Ashley!

All the links are pasted below if you want to grab your copy :)

PS: While Parting Worlds closes the loop on these characters and their intertwined tales, I haven't completely written of the world of this series yet... My writing motto is never say never, lol!


**A USA Today Recommended Series!**

She'll risk it all to be with the man she loves... Don't miss PARTING WORLDS, a fantasy romance from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis that reimagines the classic fairy tale of The Little Mermaid.

"I know humans like to start these sorts of stories with 'once upon a time,' but I'm worried that's setting the stage for false hopes. Because we don't all live, and we aren't all happy. Not every curse can be broken, after all."

Humans are dangerous. That's the lesson faeries are taught as soon as their flower petals unfurl, welcoming them into the world. It's the first thing Aerewyn remembers the priestesses telling her as a young girl. Humans are dangerous--don't show them your magic and never cross into their lands.

Why then, when she stumbles upon a human boy in the woods, does she find him so intriguing?

His blue eyes don't shine with malice. His smile doesn't menace. His laughter is as warm as the sun against her cheeks. And when she later discovers he's been knocked unconscious in a storm, injured and alone in the forest, the only thing he seems in danger of is dying.

So she saves his life--a single act that will change the fate of both their worlds...


A paperback edition is available here:


Don't miss the first three books in the series :) 

They can be read before or after Parting Worlds!


More info can be found on my Once Upon a Curse page here :)


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