July 10, 2019

Gathering Frost is Available in Audio!!

Hey everyone! I have super exciting news! 

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to produce more audiobooks, and since it's the summer of fairy tales, I decided to go all in on Once Upon a Curse audiobooks, starting with Gathering Frost!


It took a little while to find the right narrator for the job, but once I heard Ellie's audition, I knew she would be PERFECT! And she is! 

Here's a little preview you can listen to!

Didn't she absolutely nail Jade's character?!

If you want to hear more, Gathering Frost is available now wherever audiobooks are sold/rented! 


If none of these links are to places you use to listen to audiobooks, it's also available at some libraries and through hibooks / other subscriber-based retailers you might use :) 

Ellie is working on Withering Rose as we speak, and then she'll be diving into Chasing Midnight, so there will be plenty of audio updates to come! 

Yay! Enjoy!

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