June 3, 2016

Withering Rose Blog Tour: Three Ways my Belle is Different Than the One We Grew Up With!

Next stop on the Withering Rose blog tour is a super fun guest post all about how my main character Omorose is inspired by but also twists the Belle we all know and love!

Three Ways my Belle is Different Than the One We Grew Up With!

As a self-proclaimed Disney Princess groupie, I'll admit that I love each princess in her own special way and I wouldn't change them for anything! 

However, part of the fun of a retelling is taking some liberties :) After all, if you're not changing the story, than why bother? A retelling should be new and fun and exciting, while still paying homage to stories that came before! I mean, Disney movies are truly just retellings of the older fairy tale classics, and how much fun are they?!

So, here are three ways my beauty, Omorose, is different than Belle, the character I grew up with!

1) She has magic and a curse all her own! Omorose can bring nature to life with the flick of her fingers, but her magic comes with a price—a curse! Every time she uses her power, a little bit of her own life is taken away. 

2) Seeking out the beast is her idea! Omorose travels to the realm of the beast knowing full well who waits for her. There's no bargain in exchange for her father. Everything she does is of her own free will. 

3) Sorry, no inanimate object side kicks! When Omorose arrives at the castle, there are no talking candlesticks rolling out the welcome mat. She needs to figure everything out all on her own!

And now, because Belle is one of my absolute favorite characters, I also have to say three ways in which Omorose is the same—and no, beauty isn’t one of them!

1) The strongest thing about her is her heart! Not every kick-butt heroine needs to throw punches or wield a weapon. Sometimes, inner-strength is the most valuable weapon of all, and I believe Belle and Omorose both prove that. 

2) They both want more than this provincial life! Both Belle and Omorose are stuck in a role they don't know how to escape. They yearn for adventure, for someone who understands them, and they won't settle for anything less.

3) Curiosity and stubbornness for the win! Let's just say their minds might get them into trouble sometimes. Just little things like exploring wings of the castle you really aren't supposed to or standing up to an angry beast… 

What are your favorite parts of Beauty & The Beast? What would you change?


Check back in for more guest posts from the Withering Rose blog tour! Lots more fun stuff to come, I promise :)

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