February 10, 2015

No Kindle? No Problem! And Another Gathering Frost Teaser!

 Happy #TeaserTuesday!! 

Here's the Amazon link for more info...and to pre-order :)

As a few people have guessed, Gathering Frost, is going to be a Kindle Select book for at least the next three months! BUT that doesn't mean my fans who don't have a kindle won't be able to read it! 

So, to ease some of the fears you guys have expressed, I thought in addition to this week's teaser and to launch the start of the one week to on-sale countdown, I would give all of my non-kindle users a way to still read Gathering Frost come February 17th! 

So... no kindle, no problem!

Here are a few different methods you can use to read Gathering Frost, even if you don't own a kindle!

1) Free Kindle App! 

Have a smartphone, tablet, or computer? Then Kindle books are only a click away. Just follow this link and Amazon will email and/or text you a download link for their free Kindle App for your device: Amazon Kindle App!

The app works for just about any device I can think of -- Phone (iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, etc.), Tablet (iPad, Windows, Android), or Computer (Mac, Windows). If you have a nook, kobo or other reader that doesn't allow the Kindle App, your computer or phone should still work!

Once you download the app and create an account, any Kindle books you purchase (like, I don't know...Gathering Frost!!) will be automatically delivered to the app. 

2) Good old-fashioned paperbacks!

Come February 17th, Gathering Frost will be available in paperback form from Amazon and Createspace! Within a month or two, the paperbacks should also be available to purchase from Barnes & Noble and iBooks! I will update this page with buy links as soon as they are available!

Update! Gathering Frost is available as a paperback here:


3) Kindle Cloud Reader! 

The Kindle Cloud Reader lets you read Kindle books from your internet browser--no need to download an app or anything! After creating an Amazon account, just go to read.Amazon.com to access your cloud reader!

The cloud reader is available worldwide, I believe for Firefox/Chrome/Safari, and works on any computer--yours, your parent's, your friend's. Since it's a website, it is not tied to any single device. 

If for some reason none of these methods work, you can always email me and we can hopefully work something out!

I hope you all enjoyed the teaser :) 


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