January 1, 2015

Happy 2015!!! A little look back and a little peak at what's to come!

Happy 2015!!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a really hard time believing that a whole new year is already here! 2014 seems like it just began! But when I take a look back, it's pretty amazing to think about everything that happened this year! 

1) I started writing full-time!! This is the really unbelievable thing to me--it definitely doesn't seem like I've been a full-time author for a whole 12 months. But I have and it's been unreal! I am so lucky to be living my dream :) And it's all because of you!

2) The A Dance of Dragons series began! Let's see, we've got The Shadow Soul, The Spirit Heir, The Golden Cage AND The Silver Key...phew! That's a lot of books in one year, but the series isn't over yet! More to come in 2015, but I'll get to that! 

3) Paperbacks!! Finally, I have paperbacks copies of all my full-length books! I've been waiting for this day for a long time, and it's been so fun to finally be able to give away signed book and to see my own books on my shelf!

But enough about the past! Onto the future! 

Here's a look at everything I'm hoping the new year will bring--and I hope you guys are excited about the news! 

1) Launching a new giveaway!! All you need to do is sign up for my New Release Newsletter! Every four months, I'll randomly select a newsletter subscriber to receive a signed paperback copy of one of my books! 

2) A new book and a new pen name--Confessions of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie! So, I've been teasing my new book for a while but it's just because I'm so excited to be testing the waters with contemporary romance! Some beta readers have the manuscript now, so editing is in full-force! I'm hoping to have the book on-sale in Feb/March 2015! 

3) An end to A Dance of Dragons! The Phoenix Born will arrive in 2015 along with two more novellas from Leena's POV! This will bring an end to the A Dance of Dragons series, but never fear! I have lots of idea for spin-off stories and other tales in this world, so that won't be the end of these characters--just a short break!

4) A dystopian fairy tale romance :) coming soon! So...I've had this manuscript on the back burner for a while and haven't been sure when I wanted to publish it, but I'm pretty sure early 2014 will be the year! As soon as I figure it out, you guys will be the first to know! But I am super excited! It's a play on Sleeping Beauty and is just the beginning of a whole new fairy tale inspired series!

And just as a little extra note, I'm going to be looking into conferences and more live events this year! I hope to be able to set up at least one signing so I can maybe meet some of you amazing fans face-to-face as I've been hoping to do since my adventure in publishing first began! 

And that's a wrap! I'll miss 2014, but 2015 is going to be amazing! So...BRING IT ON!!!


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