April 1, 2014

You Asked #2: Who Would You Choose--Luke or Tristan?

Everything has been very A Dance of Dragons focused in the past few weeks, so I decided it was time for some Midnight Fire love! 

BUT talk about choosing between a rock and a hard place!! How could I ever pick between my two Midnight Fire heartthrobs?! 

Since you asked... I guess I have to! 

For those who don't remember or haven't read my series, let's talk about these two boys... (To learn more about the books, click here.)


To quote Ignite, Tristan is "the bad boy with a soft heart, the sort of trap a girl knowingly jumped into." He's a brooding artist. He's the mysterious hunk. He's very emotionally deep once you break through the surface, but getting there can be a bit of a challenge. You know... a total dreamboat! 


Luke is the goofy best friend. He's the guy who makes you laugh even when the world seems to be falling apart around you. He's the one who you trust unconditionally. He's the one who you can tell everything to without judgement. Basically, the ideal boy next door!


Eek, so tough! I love them both for completely different reasons and I love the roles each played in Kira's life. 

But for me, in real life, not my fictional fantasy worlds, I would choose Luke :) I'm too much of a nerd to ever feel comfortable with someone like Tristan. I think I would always feel slightly in awe that he chose me and also nervous all the time. But with someone like Luke, who can make any situation fun, I think I would feel completely like myself. 

And ultimately, I truly believe that the best match is the person who makes your feel more true to your personality and more natural than you've ever felt before. 

Though, I wouldn't mind a date with Tristan just for the story! :)

How about you?? Who would you choose--Luke or Tristan?

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