July 31, 2013

New Series Title Reveal!!

If you read my previous post, you know that I've decided to self publish my next series, which means I have total control over the title! Woot woot!! 

It's a young adult fantasy series (think Game of Thrones meets Graceling!), and though you don't know much, I revealed FIVE fun facts about the series in a previous post:
1) Young Adult Fantasy!
2) Dual Perspectives!
3) No Love Triangle!
4) Never-Before-Seen Magical Powers!
5) No One Is Safe!

I AGONIZED over this decision (partially because titles are so important, partially because I really love this story, and partially because it is so darn tough to shorten a plot down to a few words). But, I think I came up with something great! 

Without further ado...

I present...

In a nifty photoshopped image ;)

A Dance Of Dragons!

If you want to know the second the first book becomes available, sign up for my new Pub Day Newsletter! The morning The Shadow Soul goes on-sale, I will send an email around to everyone on the newsletter. I will NOT send any other sort of solicitation emails :)

Thank you! I hope you love it!

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  1. I haven't read the book yet, and I already want to see the movie! This series looks awesome!