February 14, 2012

Imperfections Make Us Beautiful

Imperfections are what make us beautiful -- this is a saying I've believed in my entire life and one I got reminded of today...when my face was on the AOL homepage -- WHAT?!

Okay, back track -- story first!

So, earlier this year, I was working as an Assistant Editor for the Huffington Post. About three weeks ago, we got an email from the Healthy Living editors asking if anyone had scars and wouldn't mind sharing a photo/story for the article. I emailed back almost right away -- first, because I've had a scar for my entire life and second because I think it is a fantastic cause! Scars are gorgeous in my opinion. Each one comes with a story -- be it funny, scary or uplifting -- that defines that person. (On that note, I love Padma from Top Chef! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she's publicly spoken out about and embraced her own scar, and is a wonderful role model in that regard.)

I'd completely forgotten about the story until I tonight when I sat down with my remote control to catch up on the latest episode of The Bachelor (I can't help it... I'm addicted!). I was flipping through the AOL homepage (I know, I know -- it's a little old-school but I think they have the clickiest headlines ever!) when I saw this:

I swear, I was so close to either dropping my computer or spitting my drink all over the keyboard or both! (Thank God this didn't happen as I realized I had unsaved edits of Simmer!) I clicked on the link and realized it was the 'Beautiful Scars' slideshow. Here's my slide:

Here's my caption/story in case you can't read it: "At about eighteen months old, I got a tad bit carried away while jumping on the couch and had to be taken to the emergency room. I got about 12 stitches and a permanent scar on my left cheek. Since then, I've had doctors suggest lotions to lessen the appearance, but I've never been interested. To me, the scar is normal -- my face would look weird without it! "

What I didn't admit on the Huff Post is that I wasn't just jumping on my couch... I'd just watched Dumbo and actually thought I might be able to fly. We writers have very overactive imaginations... even at a year and a half old! 

If any of my readers have scars, I'd love to hear your stories and you should definitely head over to the article and share your photo. I wish more people felt comfortable with their scars, because I think they're special and I would never ever want to get rid of mine. 

In fact, if you've read Ignite, you'll know that at first all conduits have scars on their hands because of what makes them unique and special: their powers. And, I'll be introducing another meaningful scar later in the series. And while I did make Tristan a traditionally delicious leading man, he has a lot of emotional scars. And, I wanted to make Luke more beautiful in a unique way -- he's tall, slightly gangly albeit muscular, spotted with freckles and (my favorite) has a slightly off-kilter nose. 

Let's all celebrate what makes us unique!!  Scars, birth marks, deformities, handicaps -- whatever it may be, love it! And even if you don't love it, know that someone out there loves you because of it, not in-spite of it. 

Lots of love to all of my amazing readers and good night!! 

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