March 26, 2017

What should I include in my new author newsletter?!

I've been thinking for a while about starting a new monthly newsletter! So many of you already subscribe to my "New Release Newsletter" which is amazing, but I sort of want to do something more regular and more interesting--something that will give you a peek behind my writing curtain and also involve you in my process!! 

So I figured, the best way to see what my fans might want to know more of, is to ask :)

I think the first newsletter will go out May 1st, and once a month after that. If you have time, it would be a HUGE help to answer these poll questions to help decide what to include!

What should I include in my new author newsletter?!

Updates about my writing progress and different projects I'm working on!
Polls to include you in my writing process! (i.e. What book should I write next? Which character name do you like best?)
Books I'm reading and ones that I love!
Steals and deals for mine and other great books!
Exclusive teasers from my current works in progress!
Other exclusives like cover reveals, title reveals, character interviews, and more!
Nothing! Sorry, but I've no interest in joining a newsletter...
Please Specify:

And of course, I hope you subscribe!!

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