November 17, 2015

The Phoenix Born & The Iron Rider Are On Sale Today!

First and foremost, The Phoenix Born and The Iron Rider are ON SALE!!!


Here are some purchase links for The Phoenix Born :)




And here are some for The Iron Rider!


And now...on to the sentimental stuff! I can't help it!

I'm not sure an author ever knows what to expect when ending a series! It's such an exciting time, but also a bittersweet one. When I published Scorch, I wrote a blog post not un-similar to this one, about the mixed feelings that come with closing the door on characters you've come to absolutely love. It's hard! Just like with Kira, Luke & Tristan, I know I'm going to miss Jinji, Rhen & Leena. Their emotional tales of heartbreak, endurance, hope, and new beginnings came right from my heart. And I'm going to miss the dragons, and the magic, and the fantastical world I was able to dream up using my imagination and my keyboard. 

Midnight Fire was my first series--the one that proved to me that writing really was my dream career and that being an author was truly what I wanted in life. And A Dance of Dragons was my leap of faith! Two months before The Shadow Soul went on sale, I quite my day job and began writing full time, hoping that my fans would embrace a new series and praying that I could make my dream a reality. Two years and few more books later, and I'm still writing full time! I didn't have to go back to another job (knock on wood!) and I get to keep doing what I love to do--all because I found amazing and loyal fans who fell in love with my characters just as much as I did! 

Writing is something I do alone, just my computer and me, but being an author is something else entirely! I couldn't do what I do with you! Without my editor, without the amazing bloggers who help share my work with their fans, without the love and support of my friends and family, but most of all without my fans! You guys keep me going and you guys proved that my leap of faith was worth it! 

While there's a bittersweet edge to finishing the A Dance of Dragons series, I'm not nearly as afraid as I was when Midnight Fire came to a close, because I know so many of my fans are in it for the long haul and I couldn't thank you enough for being there for me in more ways than you will probably ever know! 

Once Upon A Curse and Confessions still have a few more books in them, and next year I'll be announcing a brand new series that I am SO EXCITED to share with you all! I'm going back to my roots with a paranormal romance I know my Midnight Fire readers will go crazy for!

I can honestly say that while I'll miss Jinji, Rhen & Leena, I am overjoyed and incredibly excited for the many characters and stories yet to come! 


I'll stop being super emotional now... 

But one last thing--here's the complete series! I can't even believe it!! So pretty :)

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