March 16, 2015

Gathering Frost Inspiration Boards -- Mood, Characters, and Setting!

In case you missed any of the promo posts for my Gathering Frost blog tour, I'm sharing them all on my blog :) Let's start with my inspiration boards!


One of my favorite things to do when working on a new project is to create an inspiration board on pinterest! Photos that help define the mood of the story, the setting I'm trying to create, and the characters I'm trying to bring to life!


Here's a closer look at the moods of the story—which for the world of Once Upon A Curse is quite diverse! One of my favorite things about this series is that it blends a bunch of different genres—fantasy, dystopian & romance. And each of those different genres comes with its own sort of mood which I tried to lace into the emotions and reading experience for Gathering Frost!

Here are my inspiration boards for the different themes and moods I infused into my story.

Heart-Warming Romance

Fantasy Fairy Tale

Post-Apocalyptic Dystopia


Here's a closer look at my characters—Jade, my sleeping beauty, Asher, her prince charming, and Queen Deirdre, our evil fairy if you will! 


Jade is under the queen's curse—spelled to have no emotions. She works as a member of the guard and is pretty badass in the fighting department! But when she meets Prince Asher, a softer Jade begins to emerge—a girl feeling anger, happiness, and most importantly love for the first time.


Asher is the queen's runaway son—a truly charming prince. He fights for the rebels against his mother and is entranced by the fiery beauty he finds deep within Jade.

Queen Deirdre

Queen Deirdre is the ruler of the fairy tale village that emerges in the heart of New York City. She uses her powers to steal everyone's emotions away, freezing their hearts and snatching their passions for herself.


Here's a closer look at my setting—which for the world of Once Upon A Curse is quite unique! Imagine two parallel universes, the world we live in today and a fairy tale world full of magic. Now imagine them colliding in an earthquake that literally reshapes the world. After the collision, what's left behind is a patchwork world with elements of each different universe somehow coexisting.

In Gathering Frost, we're centered in New York City! Half of New York has been replaced with an idyllic fairy tale village seemingly torn from a storybook, and half is the crumbling skyscrapers and concrete jungle of an abandoned modern city. And on the outskirts rest the rebels, a group in hiding trying to overturn the magical queen.

Here are some of my inspiration boards for the setting I just described!

Fairy Tale Village

Post-Apocalyptic New York

Rebel Base

If you'd like to see my full inspiration board or see the original location of any of these images, just click this pinterest link:

And don't forget, Gathering Frost is available now from Amazon!


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