March 17, 2015

Gathering Frost Dream Movie Cast!

In case you missed any of the promo posts for my Gathering Frost blog tour, I'm sharing them all on my blog :) Yesterday, I posted the inspiration boards, so today let's look at my dream movie cast!


I always get very nervous picking movie casts for my novels because there never seems to be anyone who quite fits the picture I've created in my head. With that being said, I also love picking dream movie casts because it is so much fun to even imagine one of my novels as a blockbuster film!

If you want to support the idea of Gathering Frost becoming a movie, like my Gathering Frost page on the If List and make some character proposals of your own!

Anyway, back to my cast…here goes nothing!

Jade -- Marie Avgeropoulos

Jade is a really badass fighter with a bit of a tough side—at least until the prince helps warm her up! So the actress who would play her needs to be able to channel some inner Lara Croft, and after watching her on The 100, I think Marie Avgeropoulos would be awesome!

Asher -- Matt Barr

Asher pretty much defines a prince charming—he's sweet and sensitive, with enough of an edge to challenge Jade! He's also blond, which can be a hard look for a guy to pull off, so I think Matt Barr would be the perfect Asher! The dark and brooding look is pretty common in Hollywood, but it takes a real man to pull off blond and charming :)

Queen Deirdre -- Charlize Theron

Queen Deirdre is the Ice Queen—she steals the emotions of her subjects, leaving them frozen inside. But at the same time, she's alluring and entrancing. So…even though she's already played an evil queen and would probably never play that role again, I think Charlize Theron would be totally perfect!

Maddy -- Kiersey Clemons

Maddy is the bubbly best friend who helps show Jade what it means to be human! She's optimistic and enthusiastic, which is why I think Kiersey Clemons would be perfect for the role! Whenever I see photos of her, she just seems to be loving life and so joyful!

Brock -- Colton Haynes

Brock works beside Jade in the Queen's Guard. He's sort of pompous, but in a lovable way! If you've watched Teen Wolf, you'll understand why my thoughts immediately went to Colton Haynes!

Commander Alburn -- Stephen Lang

The Commander is Jade's adoptive father, but since he's under the queen's curse, it's not exactly a warm household. He teaches her how to fight and how to be strong, but how to love is something even he doesn't understand. My dream selection for his character is Stephen Lang!

And don't forget, Gathering Frost is available now from Amazon!


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