November 6, 2014

Midnight Fire Paperbacks Are Here!!!

I am SO EXCITED to announce that Midnight Fire paperbacks are now available to purchase!!!!! 

So pretty!!! 

Before I show you the full covers and give you the links, I just want to write a quick note to say thank you! Really, from the bottom of my heart to all of my fans and anyone who has read my books, thank you for making my dream of an being an author come to life! 

When I first published Ignite, I had absolutely no idea what to expect and how truly amazing this crazy journey in self-publishing would be. I lacked a lot of confidence in my work and because of that I never bothered to publish paperbacks. But before Ignite was ever written, when it was just the kernel of an idea in the back of my mind, I dreamed of seeing it on my bookshelf one day. And that day is finally here! And it's just amazing--so amazing I can't quite find the right words to express how overjoyed I am! 

With each passing day, my career expands into new and exciting ventures--my A Dance of Dragons series, the chick lit book I'm working on now, and lots of other projects that are currently just basic ideas scrawled in my notebook but might someday come to life. But Midnight Fire will always hold a special place in my heart as the series that turned my dream to reality. And for that I can't thank you all enough. 

So anyway, enough of that :) Here are the full covers and some buy links in case anyone else wants Midnight Fire to have a special spot on their bookshelf! 


Paperbacks available now on



Paperbacks available now on



Paperbacks available now on



Paperbacks available now on



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