March 19, 2014

The Shadow Soul Blog Tour -- Unsent Character Letters!

Ever found a message in a bottle?  Me neither! 

But that was sort of the idea with these letters! Sometimes, things can only be said through the written word. Maybe that's just my writer side speaking, but I've always felt like in writing one can confess emotions or thoughts they're too afraid to say out loud. 

And that is exactly what Rhen and Jinji do in these letters below -- especially Jinji! 

I hope you enjoy them! Only two days left in my blog tour, so sad :(

Dear Rhen,

I’m leaving. I know this letter is the coward’s way out, I know I should tell you to your face, but I just can’t. It would be too much. Too hard. You would convince me to stay, when I know in my heart that I must go.

A letter? I know you must be confused. I’m not writing it, you know I don’t know how, never learned. But I won’t tell you who helped me, and though it is against your nature, I beg you not to ask. You hunt for secrets, you live to uncover them, but please do me this one favor.

In exchange, I’ll tell you my secret. You’ve known about it since day one, sniffed it on my skin, pushed me to the brink to reveal it, and now I will.

I am a girl.

The boy Jin—the one you saved, befriended, let inside—that boy is me, a girl named Jinji.

How? I know that word is spinning circles in your head. Well, here is my other secret. I have magic. Just like you, except different. I can weave illusions, very real illusions, and I apologize for my dishonesty.

But mostly, I’m sorry that you will never read this. That I will never send this. It will be torn up the moment it is completed. Because I would rather you hate the boy I pretended to be, than know the real me and hate her still.

I will miss you. But I cannot ignore that path of destiny any longer. My family waits, and I must put them to peace.


Dear Tarin,

Before you say or do anything—yes I have heard the news and yes I am coming home. Congratulations on your baby boy. At least father has one son he can truly be proud of.

On that note, please do not show him this letter. My poor calligraphy is the last thing he needs to see when I’m sure there has been a growing list of the ways of which I’m a disappointment while I’ve been gone these past several months. 

Rest assured, it will end soon.

I have uncovered news, a plot to take over the throne, and we must act swiftly. I cannot say more in case this letter is intercepted, but please know a threat is coming and the city must be prepared. Keep your eyes on the harbor and place extra guards along the walls. 

There is more to me than you, Whyllem and father ever knew. A side I have kept hidden from everyone, anticipating this day. So please, this once, just trust me even if it is against your better judgment.

Love and honor,

P.S. I’ve picked up a stray on my journey. An oldworlder named Jin who I found lost and alone. He is silent, observant, and much smarter than he lets on. I get the sense that he is hiding something from me, yet at the same time I know he is not a threat. I want to train him as knight upon my return. Mention it to father, will you? Somehow I think he’ll like the idea more if it comes from you.

P.P.S. Give the baby a kiss from his uncle.

What do you think? Have you ever written a letter only to tear it up a few minutes later? I may have done that a few times in my past... :)

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