March 10, 2014

The Shadow Soul Blog Tour -- Rhen & Jinji Character Interviews!!

The Shadow Soul blog tour has officially begun!! Woohoo! 

In case you miss any of the posts, I will be reblogging all of the extra content I put together! First up--character interviews! 

Here goes :) I hope you love learning more about Jinji & Rhen! 


Please welcome Jinji, the female protagonist of The Shadow Soul who has come all the way from her fantastical world to speak with us today!

Me: Thank you so much for stopping by.

Jinji: You’re welcome. It’s a relief actually.

A relief? Why is that?

Well, it’s Rhen. At first, I thought traveling with him would be the only solution, but now I’m not so sure. He’s getting too suspicious, asking too many questions. It’s like he knows I’m keeping a secret…well, secrets…

What secrets?

[Jinji looks around nervously. Her short black hair barely moves, but her eyes flick around the room, almost as though she fears we’re not alone. She leans in, whispers.]

He doesn’t know I’m a girl. He doesn’t know about my powers. He doesn’t know about the shadow. He doesn’t…

[She shakes her head, biting her lip and tucking her knees into her chest, curling into a tight ball. Nerves have clenched her body, have halted her midthought. A darkness seems to seep into her vision. A sadness removes the golden light from her eyes. I reach out my hand in comfort, but she retreats.]

Are you all right?

I just miss them. Miss it. Home. The trees. My family.

Why did you leave?

[The grief thickens, haunting her eyes, scrunching her forehead. She looks away, pausing, reading memories in the air. Suddenly she looks up, straight into my eyes with a hard look, a calculated stare.]


Against who? For what?

[She shakes her head, standing, walking away from me and looking at the door. She is small, but I sense strength and determination in her stance.]

I must leave. I’m sorry.


[But she is gone. Panic hangs heavy in the air behind her.]


Please welcome Prince Whylrhen, the male protagonist of The Shadow Soul who has come all the way from his fantastical world to speak with us today!

Me: Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m honored to have royalty in my studio.

[He leans back casually, his large muscular frame making the chair seem small and fragile by comparison. Waving his hand through the air, he dismisses the nod to his stature. I can’t help but notice that his eyes don’t seem nearly as relaxed as he wants them to.]

Whylrhen: Call me Rhen.

Okay, Rhen, what—

[He leans forward suddenly. A wide flirtatious smile spreads across his face.]

So you met Jin yesterday. Strange lad, don’t you think?


[I pause, knowing he is fishing for information. But yesterday, Jinji confessed that Rhen does not know her true gender so I remain silent. He tilts his head, intrigued by my silence. I know I must continue. Damn it if that smile does not make me want to spill…I swallow deeply.]

Yes, he seemed reserved, somewhat quiet and to himself.

[Rhen leans back, not quite satisfied with my response I can tell. The answer is circling his thoughts, and I watch him digest it, pulling it apart. His eyes meet mine, and in an instant I know he knows I’m hiding something. A smirk dances across his lip. A switch flicks and a mask seems to fall over his features, softening them.]

So, what would you like to know? I’m an open book. Royal life? Boring. Favorite hobby? Riding my horse. Do I sleep in the nude? Of course.

[I spit out the water I just swallowed. His green eyes seem to twinkle as I fight to regain control of my interview.]

I hear your eldest brother just had a child, a son.

Yes. I’m an uncle.

[Genuine happiness lights his face. The first true emotion I feel I’ve witness from this prince.]

What is his name?

In my homeland, a prince is given no title until his Naming Ceremony. So we will just have to wait and see.

[As he talks, his eyes narrow. Worry leaks into his expression.]

I should really be going.

[He stands, kisses the top of my hand and makes a swift exit. I forget to say thank you or goodbye, and instead fall back against my chair, exhausted from the brief conversation.]

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