February 8, 2014

Pre-Order THE SHADOW SOUL From iBooks!!

I'm SO excited to announce that you can now visit the Apple iBookstore to pre-order The Shadow Soul!!! Just click the icon to go to the store!

Smashwords just recently rolled out their pre-order program, and I was ridiculously excited to try it out! There were a few kinks and I was hoping to get this started earlier, but better late than never! 

Pre-orders have previously been something only the traditional publishing houses could do (on the rare occasion an extremely successful self-published author is asked by retailers to participate, but that is at Hugh Howey or Bella Andre level only I believe). Anyway, pre-orders are such a fantastic tool and I'm excited to see that retailers are starting to even out the playing field.

For one, pre-orders allow you to accumulate sales that will all hit on the same day! This is how major publishing houses fight for spots on the best sellers lists. For example, if they post a book for pre-order six months before the on-sale and sell 10,000 copies, all 10,000 copies will hit the system on the first day of on-sale. That is something we self-publishers can't really combat. 

Another benefit is that people who read your books but might not follow your blog or social media sites can see that a new book is coming out from you. This makes it so much easier to keep fresh in a reader's mind and to ensure they'll continue reading your work! 

I can only hope that B&N and Amazon will listen up and start allowing pre-orders through their publishing systems. Until them, Apple and Kobo will have to do! 

I will send you all an update when the Kobo store pre-order goes live! 


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