August 11, 2013

Help Me Pick A Cover For "The Shadow Soul"

Morning everyone! I'm having a slight crisis...I created TWO amazing covers for "The Shadow Soul"(the first book in my new series called A Dance of Dragons) and now I can't choose!! 

Okay, okay, tooting my own horn a little, but I love both covers which is why I need YOUR help. One is a little more fantasy and one is a little more "Ooh gold!" Do you see my dilemma?

What I need you to tell me is which cover you would pick--which one grabs your attention and which would make you click if you were on or or others. 

So... here goes :)

Now Individual...

Which "The Shadow Soul" cover do you like better? free polls 
Don't forget to post a comment with additional ideas/thoughts! I'd love to hear more from you!

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Thank you all!

(A little copyright info -- The "eye" cover art created by Kaitlyn Davis from Flickr Creative Commons Attribution Licensed Images by Sean McGrath and Leszek Leszczynski; The "gold" cover art created by Kaitlyn Davis using a free/Creative Commons licensed Photoshop brush by Nathan Brown/WeGraphics)

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