March 17, 2013

Scorch Blog Tour and Teasers!!

Only a little under three weeks until Scorch is published!! Woohooooo!

In case you forgot, I'm working on a month-long blog tour launching on April 5th (same day that Scorch goes on-sale) to celebrate the entire series!

It'll be full of reviews, interviews, and--most importantly--guest posts! A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook fans for guest post suggestions, and I got one response that really stuck--writing a scene from Luke and Tristan's point-of-views! 

So, there will be six guest posts (that I know of so far) and I will be taking three scenes from the beginning of Ignite and rewriting them from both Tristan and Luke's perspectives! I hope you enjoy! And if this is something you really love, I'm thinking of expanding it to some scenes from the other books as well! Stay tuned for a poll :)

But back to Scorch! I've been posting teasers on Twitter for the past few weeks, and I wanted to compile them for all of the fans who've been asking. So, without further ado, teasers!

"'Tristan?' She leaned forward, hanging on the unspoken words dancing on his lips…"

"Kira pulled up, or maybe Luke reached down, but within seconds she was wrapped in his sturdy arms..."

"Under the ripped wires and torn metal was a spot of blood—fresh, red and most definitely human."

"And Kira could read what it meant in his emerald green eyes, now alive with swirling flames."

"Hearing a crunch, Kira cried out in pain. Her body fell limp."

"I won't lose you like this, Kira. They're crazy."

"Kira looked behind her mother towards the house. It was on fire."

Don't forget, the entire first chapter is available to read on my Facebook page! And I'm hosting a huge 18 book giveaway on my blog right now! Just click here to enter!

I'll be updating everyone soon with a back-of-the-book description and hopefully a few more teasers :)

Thank you! Good night!!

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  1. OMG I fell in love with these books when I read the first chapter of ignite! I can't wait till scotch comes out. But what really irks me is that Amazon has no mention of the next book. Not even a pre-order. And the book comes out in 4 DAYS!!!!! I need this next book. I read the first chapter on Facebook and it sounds amazing already. If anyone knows when Amazon is going to get it please let me know. And to Kaitlyn Davis, keep up the good work. I'm sure this next book is going to be just as popular as the rest of them. LOVE your work!