November 3, 2012

SCORCH Has Begun!

For some reason, starting SCORCH has been way more difficult that the other books.

My outline is done, I'm completely happy with the way the story line will progress, and I think you all will love love love it--but, putting it down on paper just seems so daunting. I'm definitely having blank white page syndrome! 

The last book--the big finale. I don't want to disappoint my readers and I think part of me doesn't wasn't to say goodbye to these characters. I love Kira, Luke and Tristan and I want their story to end the perfect way... but part of me doesn't want it to end at all! 

So, to keep pushing forward, I've decided to get some help from the writing community as a whole--I'm doing NaNoWriMo! 50,000 words in one month sounds pretty crazy, but I think with the help of my writer friends I can get into the groove and put SCORCH together to the best of my abilities. 

It's only day three, and I've already gotten the first chapter done and I'm chugging onto the second--so the plan is working!

If any of you are participating in NaNoWriMo, I'd love to become writing buddies! And even if you're not, you can view my page and check on my word count to see how the writing is progressing. Hopefully SCORCH will be ready early in 2013!! 

Thanks everyone! And happy November!! 


  1. I have read Ignite, Simmer, and Blaze over the last two days. They are so good, I couldn't put them down! I can't wait to see what happens in Scorch :).

  2. While at first I love Tristan and Kira together I truly hope she ends up with Luke, I think Tristan and Kira ran it's course and ended. It's Luke and Kira time now!

    1. No it has to be Tristan he was alone for 150 yrs till he met Kira. As you know once a vampire finds love. It's for eternity. It would kill him if he lost her. especially after everything they have faced to be together. Forbiden love just like her parents.
      And because of her he found his true Humanity.

  3. Cannot wait for scorch!!! Anonymous 1 I deeply agree about seeing how Lira & Luke's relationship unwinds. Tristan I loved your humanity and personality, but unfortunately your time has come to an end @ least she let you live even though you were ready to give in to love.

  4. I have just finished the first 3 in 2 days and i LOVED IT!!!!! Thanks for the fantastic story and i cant wait for scorch!! Im crying for trisan, i need to know what happens nex

  5. Luke all the way, Iread all three books in a day, and Iliterally didn't sleep. And the end was so perfect in blaze.

  6. Luke all the way!!! No way I'm changing my mind. Books never end right, but if Kira ends up with Luke everything will be perfect.

  7. Do you think you would ever be able to make a movie about these books because I would definitely pay to see it

  8. I love both Tristan and Luke and i don't think i could pick a side even if i wanted to