September 25, 2012

Title Reveal!! Fourth And FINAL Book In The Series!

I can't believe I'm already thinking about the fourth and FINAL (tear!!) book in the Midnight Fire Series. It feels like I only published Ignite yesterday, but now Blaze is coming out in TWO days and it's time to keep moving on!

I decided to reveal the title early for two reasons:
1) A ton of people seemed to think Blaze was the final book in the series...
2) If you finished it and thought there was nothing else, I would be afraid for my life!

So, without further ado, the title for the final book in the series (coming in 2013!) is...

I hope you're all excited! I don't want the series to end, but trust me, this book is going to be crazy!! 

Don't forget to enter all of my Blaze giveaways! It's on-sale on September 27th!! 

Goodnight - back to ebook formatting for me :)


  1. ahhhhhh!!!!!! so excited! but it doesnt come out tilll forever!!

  2. Please Give Me Tristan Back, Hes Been Through Alot He Deserves A Happily Ever After !! Love Your Books By The Way :D

  3. I hope that Tristan and Kira end up together and have a happy ending :).