September 26, 2012

BLAZE Giveaway Winners!

It's time to announce the Blaze giveaway winners!!! 

First, let's talk taglines! I got so many amazing and creative entries - seriously, I was so impressed by you guys! Your taglines are way better than mine would have ever been :)

Before I announce the winners, I wanted to highlight some super super close second places:

"If you play with fire you may get burned." - Amanda
"Her fire inside doesn't compare to the heat she has for both of them!" - Brandy
"What if you fall in love with a person you are destined to kill?" - Bindu 
"When I was young I was told not to play with fire, but I was never that good at listening." - Rebekah
"Sometimes you play with fire to get burned." - @kittsu_glass

But, there unfortunately always has to be a winner, and in this case I chose THREE! Here are the winning submissions - congratulations! 

My choice for Ignite:
"Sometimes, love burns." - Bree Pillars 

My choice for Simmer:
"Everybody fears her, but she may be their only hope" - @Bookworm_sarah

My choice for Blaze:
"If you can't stand the heat, don't live forever." - @Brittsbooknook

Remember, if any of these taglines end up on the covers of the paperbacks I'm going to be creating this fall, I'll send you a free copy of that in the mail as well! 

Thanks to everyone for these amazing submissions!!

Now, onto Cast My Series! Here are some of the character/actor ideas I received:




I loved all of your ideas, and ended up choosing this winner totally randomly - aka, wrote all of the submissions on a piece of paper and pulled the winner out of a hat. And the winner is... Bridgett!! Her picks were: Hayden Panettierre, Alex Pettyfer and Zac Efron! 

Still to come - giveaway winners for the fourth giveaway that ends AT MIDNIGHT! Make sure you enter if you haven't yet! 

Thanks again everyone! This has been a blast!