August 28, 2012

Official Blaze Release Date!!

VERY exciting news!! I'm making some final edits on my manuscript but Blaze is almost done, which means it is FINALLY time for an official release date!

Drum roll please.......

Thursday, September 27th!!!!!! Save the date on your calendars!!

Since Amazon and Smashwords are easy to predict, I can say with confidence that Blaze will be available on those two website on the 27th!! As for iTunes and Barnes & Noble, it will be a bit of a waiting game as always.

Also on the 27th, I'll announce the winners of my giveaways! Last time, I was able to surprise the winners with an early copy, so maybe we'll get lucky again! As far as giveaways, I'll continue posting more as the release date nears AND I'm going to start posting Blaze teaser quotes on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Woohoo!!

I'm also trying to coordinate with a few blogs to host a massive paranormal romance giveaway in honor of Blaze -- details to come soon. (I am SUPER excited about this! I love love love working with bloggers!)

Thanks for reading!! SO EXCITED to finally share the book with you :)

SAVE THE DATE! September 27th!!


  1. I'm so excited that Blaze is comming out soon! :)

  2. try Penelope Fletcher for the paranormal romance giveaway love her books too.I also love your books i read them for the second time while my daughter was in the hospital.helped me pass the time while she was recovering.

  3. Just finished Simmer, can not wait till Blaze comes out!!