June 13, 2012

We Do Write...We Do Interview!

From the title of this post, you may think I've reverted to caveman-style English, but have no fear, your author is still here (and spouting cheesy rhymes!). We Do Write is the fantastic blog that featured an interview as the next stop on my blog tour! Definitely check it out - there are a ton of fun interviews with upcoming authors and the blogger just won The {Booker} Award.

Want some interview highlights? I'm enticing you to click through and read the entire thing :) Here are some grab bag quotes:

  • "my first ever was about a girl who spent the summer working at Disney World only to discovered a fantasy world where all of the characters came to life."
  • "I love that with a sequel you can sort of skip the introductions and jump right into the fast-paced action scenes."
  • "Once I knew the story was in its own unique realm, I stopped worrying about making sure it was different enough to engage readers and became more confident in my work."
  • "Hm…probably the best techniques for beheading people!"
  • "Second, I have to go with some man-candy and say Will from Clockwork Prince – I seriously wish he could leap from the pages and into my life!"

Okay, okay - enough quotes... Why don't you just visit We Do Write and read the whole thing?

Thanks for following my tour!! Some bloggers are about to post reviews, so keep your fingers crossed for me!   


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