June 5, 2012

Setting, Setting, Setting - The Third Stop!

Next stop on my tour? City Girl Who Loves To Read! (I adore the name and layout of this blog!)

Ever wonder how I created the setting in my novels? I reveal a few secrets here about why I chose Charleston for Ignite and created Sonnyville in Simmer. AND if you want to know a little something about the setting of Blaze, definitely stop by this guest post! I reveal the setting of my third book - it'll definitely give a little bit away about what Kira's is up to!

Here's a teaser:

"The decision of the setting for a novel is huge and boils down to three basic categories: a real world setting the author knows extremely well, a make-believe place the author creates or a real-life place the author is barely familiar with. Each different setting comes with its own process and complications, and the first three novels in my Midnight Fire Series display this perfectly!..."

Thanks for following my tour!! As always, stay tuned :)

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