June 19, 2012

The ParaRomance World I'd Love To Live In Is...

Want to know? Awesome - cause that's the theme of my guest post over at Books in the Spotlight!

My first choice, aside from the world in my Midnight Fire series, is OBVIOUSLY Hogwarts! But, I didn't want to break the rules and pick a fantasy world, so I opted for a very vampy paranormal romance world instead!


You're not getting anything out of me! Except maybe this small teaser :)

"I want my own sexy _______ bodyguard! ______ is one of my favorite fictional characters and I wouldn’t mind having a forbidden romance with someone like him ;)"

Head over to Books in the Spotlight to find out what world I chose! I'd love to hear your favorites as well! 

Thanks a million for following my tour! At the end of the week I'll post my favorite quotes from the reviews that will be going up. I'm honored by all of the fantastic things these bloggers had to say and can't wait to share with you guys! 


  1. Yes! I knew it was vampire academy (love it)! I absolutely love him too! He's awesome!

  2. haha, you totally got me!! I love Dimitri! Can't help it, he's definitely a fictional character that makes me swoon :)