June 11, 2012

Interview -- With A Sneak Peek At My Future Projects!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My blog tour continues with an interview with You Gotta Read!

In this interview we covered everything from how I deal with writer's block to who my favorite authors are to a few topics I just won't ever write about. But, one of my favorite questions was about some of my upcoming projects! Here's a teaser:

"Right now I’m concentrating on finishing the Midnight Fire series! I just started working on the third book, Blaze, and then I’ll get going on the fourth and final installment. On the side, I’m outlining an idea for a stand-alone book – I won’t give too much away, but it’s about..."

For more about that new book and the rest of the questions, visit You Gotta Read!

As always, thanks for reading!! See you tomorrow!

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