June 8, 2012


Every story has a back story, right? Well, the same goes with writing! The next stop on my tour was all about fun behind the scenes facts about writing Ignite and Simmer.  Thanks to Krazy Book Lady for such a great guest post idea!

Did you know that Kira might have had a different (and completely terrible!) name? Or that some of the scenes in the book were inspired by my own life - ahem, the surfing wipe-out in particular...

Okay, okay, here's that story and a small teaser:

"The surfing scene in the first book was inspired by a real-life surfing accident of mine! I wiped-out and lost half of my tooth when I crashed into my own board. I understand Kira’s pain :)"

Want to know more fun behind the scenes secrets? Visit Krazy Book Lady to check out the entire post!

As always, thanks for following the tour! Keep checking in next week for more guest posts and reviews!

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