April 24, 2012

Huge Thanks To An Awesome Goodreads Group!

Hey everyone!! I just want to take a second to thank a super amazing Goodreads group that everyone who loves paranormal romance should join: Shut Up & Read! (The banner is awesome, right?!)

They have this amazing tri-weekly event called "Read It And Reap" in which self-published authors can offer up free copies of their books in exchange for reviews! The review period is two weeks long and it is an amazing way to spread the word about a new novel.

Two weeks ago Ignite was one of the featured reads and I want to sincerely thank every single person who signed up, read the book and wrote a review! I always read reviews to see what people liked and what I can improve in future work, and I really want to thank everyone for the honest feedback! Since I don't currently have an editor, this was such a great way for me to learn a bit more about what works and what doesn't work in my books!

I think that I improved my writing style with Simmer and I hope I am still improving as I currently write Blaze. Writing is a definitely a lifelong journey, and since I'm only 23, I know there is a lot left for me to learn. So thank you to everyone who helped me step a bit closer to being the best writer I can be!

And, a huge huge thank you to the moderators of the group who invented "Read It And Reap" and keep it going!!!

Here's a link to the group if you'd like to join and participate in future "Read It And Reap"'s!

There's also a group blog that is fun to check out too! Ignite even got a shout out!

Again...THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Thanks for allowing our group to read and review Ignite! Our readers had a blast and are currently anxious to get their hands on Simmer!

    I hope you will consider us in the future with your writings to come!

    Many thanks,