March 5, 2012

**Simmer Release Update**

So so excited to announce that Simmer should be coming out the first week of April!!!!!! Mark your calendars!!!! It's going to be $0.99 just like Ignite and I'll be publishing through Smashwords and Kindle again!

I'm hoping to release it on April 2nd (my birthday!), but I'll have a lot of action on the blog the week before with Giveaways and sneak peaks and more information, so be sure to check back in!!

In case you forgot, here's the cover again! What do you think?? Better than Ignite? Worse? I'd love some feedback!

Here's my original cover reveal post with a preview of the first chapter in case you missed it!

And please like me on Facebook and tell all of your friends about the book!

As always, thanks so so much for reading!! All of you guys are fabulous, amazing and wonderful human beings!!


  1. I am excited to hear that Simmer is being released so soon. I like the gives the literal translation of not quite playing with fire, but dancing with it. I'm glad to have come across your writing, I cant wait for more from you!!!

    1. AH! You just made my day!! Thank you so much!!