March 28, 2012

7 Days 'Til Simmer: 20 Book Giveaway!!!!

Let the countdown begin!! In seven days Simmer will be live on Amazon and Smashwords and I cannot wait for everyone to finally read it! I hope you all LOVE it!

To get the excitement buzzing, I decided to start my countdown with a giveaway! The first twenty (twenty!!) people to post a review of Ignite on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble will get a FREE copy of Simmer when it comes out next week! If you do post a review, just shoot me an email at or write a comment with your email address below. I'll get back to you in a week with your free copy!

Bonus: If you are super super awesome and already posted a review of Ignite to either of those websites, shoot me an email and I'll send you a free copy too (for being such an amazing and loyal reader)!

Here's the cover again and a reveal of the book description!! Get EXCITED! And thanks for reading! I'm seriously blown away by how sweet and awesome all of you are!

Check back in tomorrow for more Simmer goodies!

P.S. I apologize for the influx of exclamation points...but I am too excited to stop :)

Slowly, like a whisper almost blown away in the wind, two words streaked across her mind: "Kiss me."

Kira may have survived the eclipse, but her troubles are far from over. She's headed to Sonnyville with one goal in mind: to learn more about her parents. But with Luke and Tristan competing for her heart and Diana gunning for her head, time is running out on the search for her mother. And the closer Kira gets to answers, the more terrified she becomes. The conduits fear her, the vampires fear her, and Kira is starting to wonder if maybe they're right...

Simmer is the second book in the thrilling Midnight Fire Series. It is approximately 65,000 words. 


  1. I loved your books! I am so excited for the release of the 2nd book of Ignite series and I cannot wait to read it!

    1. Thanks so much!! You have no idea how happy I am that you liked Ignite! I think Simmer is even better :)

      Did you leave a review? If so, let me know what your email address is so I can send you a free copy of the book when it comes out next week!

      And thank you for reading!!!

  2. Can't wait for Simmer. I'm going to re-read Ignite this weekend so that it will be fresh in my mind come the release. I need more Tristan, Luke, and Kira on my Kindle. ;-)

    1. AH!!! I think you are officially the only person who's read Ignite twice besides me! Lol!

      You just made my night!! I hope you love Simmer too!