February 28, 2012

5-Star Review From The Paranormal Romance Guild!!

Today was awesome! Why? Because the Paranormal Romance Guild gave Ignite a 5-star review!! So excited!

I reached out about a review a few weeks ago but I hadn't realized the review had gone live until I checked back in this morning. On a whim, I looked at the review list and saw my name. With a little trepidation, I clicked the link. My nerves were immediately gone when I saw it was such an amazing review! Seriously, anytime I get a 5-star anything, I freak out slightly because it is such an honor! 

I copied and pasted the review below - check it out! Or click here to visit the Paranormal Romance Guild to see for yourself!

A huge thanks to the reviewer, Linda Tonis, for taking the time to read and review Ignite! And, in case I don't say it enough, thanks again to all of my readers for your support!!


"The heroine of the book, Kira Dawson, has returned to Charleston, South Carolina, after being away at boarding school in New York. Her father has lost his job and there is no longer any way to pay for school.  She is now going to attend Charleston County High School as a senior and knowing no one and is not even familiar with the school it looks like she is in for a tough time. 

Along comes Luke, who comes to her rescue when she is lost trying to find one of her classes.  Through Luke she meets Miles, Emma and Dave and the five of them become good friends.  Luke points out to Kira a group called the misfits, consisting of Tristan, John, Jerome and Diana, four kids that everyone seems to want to stay away from.  When Kira asks Luke about them he refuses to answer any of her questions telling her that he will be there when she needs him.  It is one mystery after another, and Kira is determined to solve them since she has a crush on Tristan.
The misfits continually stare at Kira leaving her to wonder what their interest in her is.  When she finally confronts Tristan about it he refuses to discuss it.  If looks could kill Kira would be dead just from the looks she gets from Diana.
Tristan is the guy all the girls drool over, he is handsome and brooding and the sexy bad boy.  There is a darkness in Tristan and when Kira tries to get close he tells her there can be nothing between them and that when she knows him she will hate him. Of course Kira finds that hard to believe she sees only good in Tristan.
Luke is Kira's best friend and is always there for her.  She feels that there is something they both have in common and it is fun watching how he takes care of her. He is always happy go lucky and makes Kira laugh. He is a wonderful character and one you can't help but love.
Kira is a girl who is trying to find out who she is.  She knows that there are things she isn't being told and she wants the answers. She is a strong willed girl and faces whatever challenges come her way.
We finally learn the truth of vampires, protectors, punishers and conduits. Who are the protectors and who are the punishers and what is their purpose?  They are both conduits but are separate races each with a specific function.
I found it very interesting the way the author explained the story of the punishers and protectors and what they were created for.  Where does Kira fit into the story as well as Luke?  Is Kira human or something else?  Is she evil or good?  Do her parents know what she is and haven't told her?
I enjoyed the author's writing and the way she developed the characters. It was a book I didn't want to put down till I had all the answers.  There is romance, suspense and mystery. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the next in the series. I can't wait to see where Luke, Kira and Tristan go from here.  I am once again surprised by how much I enjoyed a young adult book.

Reviewed by:     Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team"

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