November 11, 2011

Twilight Round-Up

In honor of 'Breaking Dawn' coming out in less than a week (yes!), I thought it would be fun to gather together some of my favorite twilight news articles from this week. Here are article previews and link-outs, enjoy! And, before you start, to keep you pumped for the movie (whose midnight premiere has already sold out across the country), here's the trailer!

1. A first look at Edward and Bella's wedding flowers via Casasugar

Casasugar interviewed Tammy Polatsek, the floral designer for 'Breaking Dawn.' I enjoyed learning about the different flowers they used, how they had to delicately hang them on string and the pictures are lovely. Added bonus - we got a preview of all the china they designed especially for the movie.

2. Henry Cavill almost went sparkly for 'Twilight' via Blastr

So...I have a soft spot for Superman and I love Henry Cavill! It's sort of interesting to think about who didn't get the role of Edward. And, Henry lost out to Rob for Cedric as well...poor guy. Show him some love!

3. MTV Interview videos 

I'm a sucker for interviews! I just think it's awesome to hear actors talk about their roles and the behind the scenes action - it's cool to see actors interact outside of their characters. And, classic MTV style, these interviews go into the topic of Rob in a g-string and a Taylor vs Rob abs comparison. Great stuff.

4. Wigging out - the cast on their wigs via The Chicago Tribune

No interview with any of the three main characters, but the throwback to Jacob in the first movie is hilarious! And, some of the other characters, like Alice/Ashley Greene, talked about their wig experience. An interesting view into the makeup that goes into the movie.

5. Ellen's 'Breaking Dawn' cameo via Entertainment Weekly

I LOVE Ellen, and the video she put together is hysterical! Ellen inserts herself into the twilight movie at a very precarious time for Edward and Bella, and it's SO funny! Watch!

Hope you enjoyed my highlight! What news have you found particularly awesome about twilight?

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